5 Best Smart Mugs with Temperature Control

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/28/21 •  6 min read

Fantastic temperature-controlled mugs for travel

Made a cup of coffee and accidentally left it too long? The thought of having a cold coffee may be nice for some but for plenty of us, it is daunting. Luckily, with a Smart Mug, you can keep your coffee warm constantly.

Smart Mugs can regulate and control the temperature of your coffee whenever you need it without getting up to go to the microwave again or making a new drink. Luckily most of the ones on this list allow you to pick a temperature for your tea or coffee to stay at.

This really is an investment for any hot drink fan.

What is the Best Smart Mug?

There’s a variety of metrics we’re going to look at in this comparison, each of which we deem as extremely crucial to keeping your coffee the best it can be. Additionally, you may want to get a Smart Kettle.

Battery Life

It sounds ridiculous, but the way you charge your Smart Mug and how long it retains that head is pretty important. If you’re in and out of meetings or have your hands full as you travel, you don’t want your smart mug to lose battery and as a result, give you a cold coffee.

Most of the higher end Smart Mugs let you control and maintain the temperature directly via the smartphone app or voice assistant if you have one.

Travel Mug vs Standard Mug

This is really down to preference, if you’re constantly out and about the Travel Mug is definitely the one to pick. However, for many coffee enthusiasts, nothing beats a good old mug, and if you go with an Ember product it looks pretty darn fancy on your desk or counter.

Travel mugs are the more logical choice as you can carry them around and have them inside, but they may not look as sleek.


These Smart Gadgets can get pretty expensive. Of course, there are budget options, but they’re nowhere near the same quality. With these choices, the more expensive Smart Mugs are much better, boasting plenty more features and much better heating times.

1. Ember Mug²

Get it here ★★★★★

Our #1 pick is the Ember Mug², it may look like a normal coffee mug but it allows you to select the exact drinking temperature you want and can maintain this temperature for 1.5 hours. You will also get a charging coaster for your desk so you can charge it as you use it.

With this mug, you can customize presets, receive mobile notifications and use voice activation. There’s a fancy LED display on the base of the mug which looks extremely sleek and lets you know when the coffee is heating up, cooling down or hitting its perfect temperature (120°F – 145°F / 50°C – 62.5 °C)

5 Best Smart Mugs with Temperature Control

2. Glowstone (Honeycomb) Mug Review

Get it here ★★★★

This is the mug I see my colleagues talking about all the time, It’s expensive, but is worth every penny. This is made out of ‘bone china’ and charges wirelessly, it monitors the temperature of the drink so that it is constantly between 140°F to 149 °F / 60°C to 65°C.

The capacity for the mug is 370ml, no different to your standard cuppa, the only issue is that if you’re using a dishwasher you need to place it upside down.

All your charging is done via a wireless coaster, a very similar design to a wireless phone charger. Very lightweight but it does take 5 hours to fully charge your mug.

5 Best Smart Mugs with Temperature Control

Cauldryn Temperature Control Travel Mug

Get it here ★★★★

This one isn’t as fancy as the Ember Travel Flask, however, it is app-controlled and has an LED display that shows the temperature of your drink.

It’s a fantastic size and the shape makes it super easy to carry about, one issue is that the battery life is only 2 hours. This will be a considerably short time for anyone who walks around with their coffee.

Deciding whether it’s worth the price or not comes down to whether you want form over function. There are better, not as sleek options out there.

Cauldryn Temperature Control Smart Mug

BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Mug

Get it here ★★★★

One of the features of the BURNTOUT Smartmug is that it can heat up or cool down your drink to the ideal temperature within just a few minutes. No need to wait a long time for the temperature to go to your preferred drinking state and no more burnt coffee!

For those of you who are clean energy fans, it does boast the ability to use thermal energy from your drink to power itself which makes it incredibly unique. Add on the incredibly cheap price tag and it’s perfect!

5 Best Smart Mugs with Temperature Control

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Get it here

This is quite possibly one of my favourite smart mugs, Ember is a fantastic brand for temperature control mugs and I personally find this one better than the Travel Mug they offer as it does fit my needs on the desk.

This mug is available in two colours, white and black and is ten ounces. The ceramic material and basic colours make this great for any desk minimalist, I’m looking at you Apple users.

It has a customisable LED in the bottom which can be changed/reprogrammed to meet your personal preferences.

It takes into consideration if you’re using Celsius or Fahrenheit and with the app, you can actually set and choose your own different presets so you can control the temperature based on your needs remotely.

Ember Smart Mug

USB Coffee Warmers aren’t great…

USB Coffee Warmer

Get it here

Let’s talk about your USB desk coffee warmer and why it’s not as good!

For under $20, this really isn’t that bad, but, it’s definitely not as good as a self-heating mug.

It takes around 30 minutes before your coffee will even start to warm up if cold, so it’s not as good as simply putting it in the microwave or remaking your coffee.

There are a few 1-star reviews saying it doesn’t heat up your coffee, but honestly, if your coffee is pre-hot this shouldn’t be a problem.

My big issue with this is that most of the mugs in our home don’t sit neatly on the silver plate that heats up.

How do self heating smart mugs work?

Each Smart Mug will have different technology, however, the basis is the same as other technology you’ve actually had for years!

Essentially, the inside of the coaster part is a collection of coils that generate heat in specific areas. The mug itself has a very high thermal conductivity which allows the heat to transfer from the bottom up and keep your mug heated for longer.

With this essentially being a miniature kettle, it’s easy to see how far we’ve come in terms of making components smaller. This allows your Smart Mug and the self-heating coaster to have extra utilities such as a thermometer and low power consumption.

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