5 Reasons Google Home Is Better Than Alexa

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/06/19 •  4 min read

This isn’t as clear cut as you think, both devices work not only as Smart Hubs/Smart Assistants but as small home speakers. So, in this breakdown, I will discuss the pros and cons of 5 major areas. Speakers, Assistant, Skills/Applications, Cost and future-proofing. Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Google Assistant Vs Alexa

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I do prefer Alexa, but this is personal preference and I will try and take this into consideration with my points.

They’re both great AI, they handle their tasks really well and I’ve not really had many issues with them understanding what I’m saying in my time of using them, I use Google Assistant mostly for music and the only issues it’s had has been not having access to music I want it to play via its services.

amazon alexa better than google home

Alexa has had some issues with trying to understand some phrases in the past, but, you can train Alexa over time by using the app to give feedback when it’s incorrect.

In the grand scheme of things, I have a feeling Google will take control when using the AI for educational/work purposes. Purely due to everything being under the hub of Google’s control. What are your thoughts on this?

Google’s Speaker vs Alexa’s Speaker

I’m going to cut this short, Google’s speaker absolutely destroys every single Alexa device’s speaker to date. Even on the Google Home Mini, the speaker is so much better and louder than the Amazon devices.

However, the Amazon Alexa devices; Echo, Spot and Show all have a 3.5mm jack which allows you to connect another speaker which is better. Not only this, but some devices such as SONOS will actually have Alexa built-in which is much more commonly seen than with Google Assistant.

Google Skills vs Alexa Skills

Google Apps work differently to Alexa Skills, Google Apps work mostly across the board, if you have a Google Chromebook for example, you can use the same voice-controlled apps on that as your Home Assistant or on your phone.

That shouldn’t be too surprising or impressive if you use Alexa on your Android phone, but I feel like the Google Apps are of much better quality than Amazon Alexa Skills which are riddled with relaxation apps (Newsflash, the constant sifting through those skills aren’t relaxing!).

Let’s talk money – Better value for the buck

So, this is a purely opinion based point, if you’re into Google, the Home Mini is great, especially given how often there are discounts and deals for it! I got one for ‘free’ by signing up for one month of Spotify (So I got it for half price essentially).

Is Google Home better than Amazon Alexa

If you can get this deal, it’s worth it if you wish to play around with the Google ecosystem, otherwise, you can’t go wrong with Amazon on Prime Day, this brings the Amazon Alexa Echo devices down a lot and makes buying multiple devices much cheaper.

I would highly suggest getting Amazon Prime anyway, but, I do order frequently and do use watch the prime selection 😉

The future of Smart Home technology

It’s certain to say that neither Google or Amazon are going anywhere, the competition is too high for all these upcoming devices and projects. Both Amazon and Google are eating smaller companies and indie projects which only further push the technological advancements.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be fine on either of these companies, but I definitely lean towards Amazon in the future given how they are a major seller of most of the ‘extensions’ and compatible devices that go with it, they somewhat control the market for Smart Home industries.

The conclusion to the battle of the Smart Home war

Overall, I know this post doesn’t really help with making a decision, I can only really suggest going for the Alexa devices as of writing this post. There are just a lot more options.

What do you think in terms of which devices you get along with best? Have you tried other AI or hubs such as the Samsung SmartThings hub?

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