8 Amazing Smart Home announcements at CES 2021

By Bradly Spicer January 15th, 2021

CES 2021 has been the most exciting thing to keep an eye on since the Christmas sales, especially with Covid moving the Las Vegas trade show directly to our screens at home.

I’ll be linking every live stream that we’ve seen so far on CES2021, so you can catch everything specifically for Smart Homes that may interest you along with a few extra exciting tech announcements you may like.

This is our definitive list of the coolest stuff from CES 2021 from new robots to screens to remote applications.

  • Ampere Shower Speaker
  • Samsung SmartThings Robot
  • Roborock S7
  • Twinkly
  • AutoSlide
  • Coldsnap
  • Lockly
  • MyQ Pet Portal

Ampere shower speaker

It was only a few months ago as I was browser for Alexa compatible Smart Home Speakers that I wondered why there wasn’t a water powered shower head on the market, I mean, it makes sense right? Listen to Amazon Music or your latest audible whilst you shower and shave, sounds great right?

Well, it looks like Ampere have gone and done it and boy does it look GREAT, I’m extremely excited to get hold of this and have actually backed the product already via Kickstarter.

The Ampere shower is a waterproof, hydro-powered system that rotates a propeller which powers a battery thus allowing for your speaker to charge. The speaker itself uses a battery which boasts up to 10 hours of speaker use meaning it’s pretty good for the environment.

If you’ve already got a waterproof bluetooth speaker connected to your Amazon Echo, you’ll know how annoying it is to charge when you’ve forgetten after getting out the shower.

It boasts a 360-degree sound if you use the Droplet addonwhich is an additional product to the main product.

What makes this a great pick is that this isn’t Amperes first rodeo, they’ve had at least 2 other additional crowdfunding campaigns that have gone very well!

Samsung SmartThings Robot

The new robots from Samsung are definitely futuristic, there’s a few of them now on the market, however, the one I want to really touch on is the Samsung Bot Handy which utilises AI via a camera and is a living assistant. We really are living in the future.

Samsung Bot Handy

This robot may only be the start of our robot overlord/assistants, but it’s being marketed as “an extension of you in the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home” – Sebastian Seung (President of Samsung Research).

Whilst a lot of this is mostly concept, and does seem a little “Hal 9000” using a camera to guide itself around your home. This does mean for those of you who are extremely privacy concerned that we will need to wait to see if it sends this data to Samsung.

Samsung Smart Handy AI Assistant
Source: Samsung

There are multiple cameras mounted on the Bot Handy, one on the body and the other on tha hand which allows it to recognise types of objects and assign tasks to itself based on the schematics it finds on those objects.

The Bot Handy isn’t ready for release, but rather that simply being a concept it is being stated as “in development”, which can be seen as a good sign.

It’s an extremely clean and futuristic piece of kit, with a tall yet thing black and white frame which extends to reach places you may not be able to reach along with a single arm which utilises various pivot points.

The Bot Handy has a shoulder, elbow, wrist and clap-hand to allow it to grab objects at a variety of strengths. Whilst this does mean it can’t lift anything particularly heavy, it will be able to sort clothing, pouring drinks, doing the dish washer etc.

As far as we can tell, the robot itself uses a base with a rolling base to allow it to spin round (Like a tank). But that information is to be confirmed as the project moves forward.

Samsung Bot Care

The Samsung Bot Care is a smaller robot assistant that they actually announced at CES 2019.

It’s essentially a smaller AI robot that will assist you in small daily asks like cleaning up your home, scheduling meetings, remind you to take a break from work etc. However, there hasn’t really been much more information on this and Samsung appears reluctant to provide more.

Roborock S7

Self-emptying Robot Vacuums are becoming more popular and with reason, they’re extremely handy to have about the house.

The new Roborock not only boasts Self-emptying capability but has an intelligent system to lift up the mop unit when it detects a carpet which is perfect if you want to mop and vacuum without having to block off the kitchen to the living room.

If you’ve seen the Roborocks previous designs, you’ll know the app lets you draw zones to keep the robot out. Well, they’re no more with this feature, Unless of course you do only want to vacuum a small part of your home.

The Mop itself vibrates back and forth very quickly allowing it to break up a lot of the dirt stuck to your hard surfaces which is a much welcome entry into the Smart Vacuum world.



Twinkly, who blew away the competition at Christmas for Smart Lights is back again with two new variations of their smart Christmas lights this year, the Flex, Line & Squares.

We’ve already had a chance to play with the Twinkly lights, if you havent read our previous review, definitely do go and check that out as we did touch on the Twinkly and Twinkly Music.

The Twinkly Squares really caught my eye as a competitor to the Nanoleaf which as we all know is an extremely expensive product for how simple it is. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited for these products.

Twinky Squares as far as we can tell, allow you to pair multiple squares to create one really cool graphics, animated or otherwise using pixel-art like designs to light up your room. If you’re a gamer who’s into RGB or just like futuristic looking devices, the Twinkly Square is for you!

8 Amazing Smart Home announcements at CES 2021

The Twinkly Line is much line their Christmas lights with the ability to fully customise the lightstrip with the mobile app, except, with a lightstrip instead.

Now, the really impressive strip is the Twinkly Flex. It’s a complete tube which holds its shape, so you can fully customise the shape and really make something cool, they all work with Razer Chroma RGB, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Twinkly is already known for being absolutely fantastic quality, so definitely do keep an eye out of these products.

AutoSlide & AutoSwing

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a Jedi in your own home, now is the time. Autoslide & Autoswing allow you to hands free open your sliding door or normal swinging door with hand gestures or motion sensors without having to install a whole new door system!

Interestingly, it looks like they’ve been developing this for around 5 years, which only adds to the assumption they’re around for the long run and won’t abandon the tech!

Definitely worth keeping your eye on this as it could be a standard in the future.


If like myself, you have a Smart Coffee Maker you’ll know the benefits of just chucking a pod in and getting a coffee straight away. But what if I told you that technology now exists as a Soft-serve Ice cream maker.

Simply input the pod at the top, wait 90 seconds and you’ll have Mr Whippy like Ice cream in a bowl in no time! The main downside here is that the price-bracket is expected to be between $500 – $1000.

Maybe this could McDonald’s solution to their forever breaking Icecream machines?

It doesn’t just make icecream though! It also allows you to make your own Frozen Smoothies, Frozen Coffee, Protein Yoghurts and Frozen Cocktails!

The pods are entirely recyclable, but at up to $1000 with a monetary system which pulls you into their pod ecosystem, is it worth it? We’ll have to wait and see!

Lockly Guard

8 Amazing Smart Home announcements at CES 2021
Source: Lockly

If you’re looking for a Smart Lock for your sliding door, Lockly has you covered with an expected availability in Q2 of 2021. I’ve not really considered a Sliding door Smart Lock, but it makes complete sense and isn’t something that’s widely available on the market.

Pair this with the AutoSlide and you may have yourself the Smartest door around.

The one downside to this is that the Lockly Sliding Door Lock needs to be installed by a professional which can cost up to $500. Worth it? Maybe? I’m not so sure though.

But it’s a great start for Smart Locks on variations of other doors!

MyQ Pet Portal – Self Opening Pet Door

8 Amazing Smart Home announcements at CES 2021

If you’ve got money to blow, this is a super cool. It’s essentially a small garage door you can attach to your door which has the capability to detect your pets sensor to open it.

Alongside this, you will be notified on your phone if you wish to keep it closed and your pet walk goes to its new doorway at which point you can view everything from a camera to allow your cat or dog in.

It’s pretty cool, but at a price point of $3000, it’s extremely expensive. I think we’ll wait for a cheaper solution.

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