8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 04/20/20 •  4 min read

Whether you are vegan, Drive a Tesla or want to use only Smart Home technology for full sustainable living. The latest gadgets and technology shown in 2019 – 2020 can help you with that!

Green smart homes are definitely the future, whether it’s for yourself or for the world, there are definite pros and little in terms of cons.

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds allow you to open your blinds every morning without needing to get out of bed. Motorised Smart Blinds allow you to secure your home as well as increase energy efficiency as you can assign the blinds to align with the sun allowing for a more natural lighting.

8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Fans

Smart Fans allow you to regulate the airflow and temperature in a room, companies like Bond have created their own hub which controls their own IoT platform products.

It also integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Smart Things, Control 4, Elan, Homebridge & Hubitat.

Bond have also started to branch out into automated Fireplaces.

8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Washing Machines / Dryers

Smart Washers and dryers and super useful, you can control your washer/driers remotely (If you’re out) and can determine the best settings via the weight of your washing load.

Pretty cool, right? It doesn’t stop there. Using this allows you to run more eco-freindly cycles using less electricity.

These are becoming more common, however, to save you some research, some of the more popular brands so far are:

LG, Candy & Hoover.

Smart Home Washer Dryer

Smart Vacuum

Robot Vacuums are perfect for pet owners and home owners who quite simply don’t want to vacuum regularly. 

Most Smart Vacuums will map out your rooms, clean them on a schedule and go back to their Home “Hub”.

There’s a lot of popular brands, the most common one being the iRobot (Due to it’s early development into the Smart Vacuum world) and Roomba.

Which is the best robot vacuum for dog hair?

The Samsung Powerbot Turbo is pretty good if you have wooden flooring. However, the alternatives would be any of the newer models from Roomba and iRobot.

If you wish to find out more on the Roomba & iRobot and which one we find better, check out this post.

Roomba 675 Vs Roomba 690

Smart Bulbs / Lighting

We’ve gone into this a LOT on this blog. Smart bulbs were our entry step into the Smart Home world and there’s a lot of variety out there.

Most Smartbulbs allow you to pick from a complete RGB scale, you can schedule these to come on whenever you want.

All with the touch of a button or voice commands.

With the amount of popularity in Smart Bulbs, there’s a ton of optional extras and different brands.

Best Smart Bulbs Guide

8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Security Alarms

This is something that requires a lot of research as there’s a lot of different brands out there and a lot of variety. One of the more popular All-In-One security brands is Nest Secure. 

You can use a variety of devices with the Nest Guard with a tag or via your Nest App.

With Nest, once your house is armed, if a sensor detects anything you will be notified via your phone and can view the CCTV (Part of the Nest Eco System) directly.

If you have a security monitoring service, they can be notified about this.

More on Smart Security

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Smart CCTV

Keeping with the security trend, Smart CCTV is a crucial part to anyone who’s looking to secure their home. We’ve reviewed a variety of cameras including the budget Blink XT-2 and the Neos Smartcam.

Following from the prior point, the Nest Cameras work perfectly following that ecosystem. 

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8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Thermostat

Energy saving with Smart Homes is a fantastic way to save money and stay green. If you live in the UK, definitely look into finding a Green Energy provider like Bulb.

Pair this with the ability to control your heating & have your heating monitored so you don’t waste electricity.

There is also a Nest Thermostat if you’re into that ecosystem 😉

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