Alexa's Preferred Speaker Setup

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A preferred Speaker is the default Speaker your selected Alexa device plays through, great for music in a room by room basis. This means that your Kitchen speakers will use one speaker and your bedroom another, to fully set the volume you expect in both scenarios.

Sonos and Amazon Alexa - Preferred Speaker Setup

The standard Echo Dot speaker isn’t especially great, even more so when you compare to the Google Home Mini, however, with the Sonos Play 1 speaker in the device group, you can set it so the music will automatically play at a better quality; The Sonos Play 1 Speaker.

This all requires no extra work and is perfect to be left alone once you find the level you need it at.

There are mini-reviews in this post, so to save you time, I will be star rating everything like so:

Why should I use Alexa’s Preferred Speak setup?

This is mostly for convenience, you’ll find that the Preferred Speaker setup stops you from running about and asking Alexa to perform additional tasks. If you’ve read my blog before, you know much I love saving time!

Alexa, Play Music

This will now play music automatically through your preferred Speaker, this can be a Bluetooth speaker or wired in speaker, as long as it can be connected as a device on the network.

The great thing about this setup is that Alexa will still keep your other responses to not use the preferred speaker, for example:

Alexa, What is the traffic like in my area?

To put it bluntly, any commands that are related to a music application/category will automatically be processed by your preferred speaker. This means that your volume and player controls (Set a specific volume, Volume up, Volume down, play, pause, next) will all be done via your Preferred Speaker.

How to Setup the Alexa Preferred Speaker

How to setup Preferred Speaker Setup with Alexa

Setting up an Alexa Preferred speaker is SUPER easy, you simply need to add the device (Speaker) and then you can set it via the Alexa App. Follow the steps below for this!

Step 1: Open up Alexa Devices

Open the Amazon Alexa App, and navigate to the bottom right-hand side where it says “Devices”.

Step 2: Add a Device Group

Click on the (+) sign which you’ll see in the top right corner of the “Devices” tab, this will then prompt you with “Add Device”, “Add Group“, “Add Multi-Room Music Speakers” and “Add Stereo Pair / Subwoofer”.

You may see a burger instead (3 Lines) this only applies on various phone operating systems. If you can’t find this, please let me know in the comments or email me, I’ll do my best to reply 🙂

In this instance, you want to select “Add Group“.

Step 3: Create Device Group Name

From here, you’ll want to create a group name, I highly suggest doing this as a Room name as you’ll likely have one speaker set per room. You may find the common names has what you need!

Step 4: Select “Alexa-Enabled Devices”

This one is the device you will speak to, NOT THE SPEAKER YOU WANT THE SOUND TO COME OUT OF.

A cool little trick with this is that you can also add other devices like RGB light strips etc, so you can set the mood when the preferred device is set.

Step 5: Next up, The Alexa Preferred Speaker!

There are a few options here, the prior parts you put in will be at the top, so you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom and you will see “Preferred Speaker”.

From here Select the (+) plus sign and then select your specific speaker (Or Speaker Group for multiple Speakers).

Step 5b: Editing your Speaker groups

This is the same screen that you will be able to edit your groups and singular speakers, you’ll see that again at the bottom and under “edit”.

What Speakers Work as an Alexa Preferred Speaker?

There are two basic categories here, you have the individual speakers and then, Speaker Groups. Speaker Groups are a second option which I listed above which allows you to set multiple speakers together.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend using two different types of speakers, I would suggest using this tool to make a collection like “Downstairs”, that way it’s all rooms as a collective.

The preferred Speaker needs to be compatible with the software, Here are some of the devices I know are currently accessible to use:

Amazon Devices

Alexa's Preferred Speaker SetupAlexa's Preferred Speaker Setup
Alexa's Preferred Speaker SetupAlexa's Preferred Speaker Setup
Alexa's Preferred Speaker SetupAlexa's Preferred Speaker Setup
Alexa's Preferred Speaker SetupAlexa's Preferred Speaker Setup

Premium Speaker Options

There are a few major speakers that stand out here, the biggest one to come forward is, in my opinion, the Sonos Play 1 – Gen 2. Sonos Speakers do offer the ability to use Alexa within them, but you don’t actually need to set this up when using preferred speakers.

Alternatively, you can use the Bose SoundTouch speakers which I’ve seen mentioned on forums quite a bit. It’s essentially the go-to choice for music fans who also create/write music!

The Best Alexa Preferred Speaker

The Best Alexa Preferred Speaker

There is no specific “Best” preferred Speaker, but I use the Sonos One (Gen 2) Speakers if you have the money I’ve heard the Sonos Play:5 is absolutely spectacular, but it’s not something I’ve personally owned.

You don’t need a capable Alexa/Google Assistant speaker to do this.

Sonos One - Gen 2

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ – Sonos Play 1 – Gen 2

This is a nifty little set which is great for homes which don’t require a full surround sound system.

An alternative choice if you want something a little cheaper and completely wireless, I would suggest these:

Alexa's Preferred Speaker Setup

⭐ ⭐ – Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Bluetooth Speaker

This is a nifty little set which is great for homes which don’t require a full surround sound system.

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