Amazon Alexa as baby monitor

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 03/05/20 •  2 min read

Whilst I would advise simply getting a baby monitor as they will have more functionality, the Amazon products can be used as an Alexa Baby Monitor in the interim if you’re in a tight spot.

You can use the “Alexa Call Feature” between two Amazon Alexa devices (Dot, Show, Spot or Tap for example) and/or a mobile phone.

Alexa Baby Monitor - Happy Baby

You’ll need to have the following products to do this:

How to enable my Echo Show as a Baby Monitor

  1. As a precaution, make sure you turn the volume on the baby’s device down to 0 before hand. This means whilst on the call, the baby will not be woken up by a loud noise (If you drop in or re-call).
  2. In the baby’s room, either “Call Alexa <Echo Name>” or “Drop in to <Echo Name>” from your phone or Amazon device
  3. Leave the connection open until you’re done, don’t forget to end the call!

“Alexa show me my baby”

If you’re using the Amazon Spot / Echo Show, you can ask them to show you your childs room. Simply ask Alexa the following:

Alexa, Show me <Alexa Device Name>

Baby monitors that work with alexa

There’s not a lot out there, commonly the “Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor” was the go to, however, with the changes in technology these have changed to standalone devices.

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