How to Setup your Amazon Alexa

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 05/16/19 •  6 min read

How do I set up Amazon Alexa Echo?

Congratulations on obtaining an Amazon Alexa! If this is your first venture into the Smart Home world, I have some fantastic tips later in this blog to help you improve your quality of life!

Alexa, the onboard AI which will help you perform everything you ask of it can respond to various voice commands and play your music, give you a daily report, read your audiobooks, tell you jokes and much more!

Step One: Downloading the Amazon Alexa App

The Alexa app isn’t a requirement but not using it does limit you, personally, we suggest 100% installing it, even if it’s just for the initial setup.
There are some minimum requirements, you will need a Smartphone which has one of the following operating system versions:

Once you’re on your mobile device, open your phones closest App Store and search for “Alexa App”, if you’re using your PC instead you can instead log in to your Amazon account and control it via the Amazon Alexa Website.

Amazon Alexa in Browser

Now that you have Alexa setup, remember to check out this guide on funny things that you can get her to do!

How do I download the Alexa App?

Downloading the Alexa App is easily done in just a few steps! Unfortunately as I don’t own an iOS device I cannot show you how this is done on there, however, it shouldn’t be too dissimilar to the Android Instructions.

You need to open up Google Play or the Samsung Store depending on what you’re looking for, In the search bar, type in “Amazon Alexa”, there may be a wide range of apps. You specifically want the one produced by Amazon Mobile LLC.

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How do I connect my Alexa to the WiFi?

Once you have installed the app, it does actually run you through the steps for setting this up. But on the off chance you want to make sure this is compatible, I can confirm Alexa works on both 2GHz and 5GHz wifi connections, so there should be no issues!

Once you open the app, you’ll want to login to your Amazon account, and follow the screenshot steps in the gallery below, Yes! I know my battery needs charging! 😉

Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

Alexa is entirely free and can be used without any subscription methods, however, to make full use of it’s potential it is recommended to join services such as the Amazon Music programme or Spotify.

We do recommend signing up to Amazon Prime if you have an Alexa infrastructure as you end up getting a lot more benefits such as instantly ordering products straight from your Alexa & free access to the Amazon Music Programme.

You can get 30 days free from Amazon Prime using the banner below at no cost!

Is the Alexa App required?

Simply put, no. But you’re really restricting yourself if you don’t use it as it does open up so many more utilities such as Skills which we highly recommend you check out!

Do I have to say “Alexa”?

No, however, this isn’t completely customisable, as much as you’d love to call Alexa, Hal. You can change this to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer” by going into the settings in the Alexa app.

To find the settings, tap the three horizontal bars at the top-left corner of the app and choose Settings from the menu.

From here, Select the device in question, go to “Device Settings”, Scroll down to “Wake Word” and select your choice of wake word as seen below:

How to install Alexa Skills?

Installing Alexa Skills is super easy! Even a child can do it, and they do! Simply follow these steps:

  • Open up your Amazon Alexa App
  • Press the 3 lines in the top left of your app, if these aren’t visible, press “Home” first
  • Select “Skills & Games”
  • Use the search tool to find what you need or simply check out what is under “Discover”
  • In this example, we will use “ASMR Darling” which is recommended when searching “ASMR”
  • Press “Enable to Use”
  • Once enabled use the specified command to start in, for us, it is “Alexa, Start ASMR Darling”.

It’s worth noting if you’re using Alexa to improve your security and live outside the UK, check out our blog post on Alexa Guard. It’s a great tool for working with your security solution!

Do I need to original Echo to get a Dot?

You do not! You can use any of the Amazon devices to run your Smart Home Network, from the Echo to the Dot and even the Echo Spot!

Personally we use 3 Echo Dot’s at our place without the need for any other device (Other than our Google Home Hub).

There are some obvious differences between the original Amazon Echo and the Dot, the Dot does not have the large speaker of the Echo. It still has a built-in speaker, but the quality and volume of this is much lower, we have also found this is nowhere near as good as the Google Home Hub.

If you don’t have an external Bluetooth speaker, you can look into a charging station + external speaker set which improves the audio quality!

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