Amazon cut price for Echo Dot and Tile Bundle! (UK)

If you read my last blog post on Gifts to get techy friends, you’ll know I highly recommend the Tile Mate Trackers, however, Amazon is now cutting that even further in the UK! You can grab a four-pack and Amazon Echo Speaker for £59.99!

This all comes before the highly anticipated Black Friday (November the 29th). Personally, I believe this will likely be a better deal than what we will expect on Black Friday, this is perfect for any Smart Home Enthusiast or first time Smart User.

Echo Dot & Tile Mate Deal UK

Why is the Tile so good with Alexa?

If you lose your phone, keys etc, Amazon’s Alexa will allow you to find the Tile Mate Tracker easily via voice control. Long gone are the days of frantically running around and looking for your keys before you head out!

If you do choose the Mate over the standard Tile Tracker, it will have longer range which is great for bigger buildings! All this is done simply via Bluetooth technology.

Funny things to ask/do with my new Alexa

After purchasing your new Alexa Dot and getting it out of the box, I’m sure you’ll want to play with it! What better way than to simply get it to do some silly things!

It couldn’t be any simpler than asking Alexa to “Tell me a joke”, you’ll get the same repeated jokes with various formats and some funny replies!

Check out my full free list of Funny Things to ask / Do with Alexa

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