Amazon Echo Show 5 – The Rumours and Release

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 05/29/19 •  2 min read

UPDATE 9 AM EDT: This has been released and is being covered in this blog post

Whilst I’m not one to believe if this is going to come out, word on the street is that today the Amazon Echo Show 5 will be released/announced. Supposedly, the Amazon Echo Show 5 will be smaller than the prior models and following the rectangular design.

From what has been seen, there is still a camera however it comes with a cover which can be placed over the top. It appears that Amazon may have learned a little from their issues in the past with Alexa supposedly recording everything and storing it.

There is no news on whether or not this is OLED based, or if it utilises any form of a push to talk button. Feature-wise, it seems exactly the same.

As far as I can tell, if this does get announced, the name will purely be based on size, not the generation. Making this a wise investment if cheaper for any new Smart Home Consumer.

I’ll keep you posted on this, however, the original source was found here, fingers crossed we get a cheaper option 🙂

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