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The Amazon Echo Show comes in multiple variations now, these are the Amazon Echo Show 5, Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Amazon Echo Show 10.

How to use the Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show series is a full touch screen Alexa experience which allows for a much more interactive Smart Home. It’s great as a Smart Home Controller, for video calls and even watching Amazon Prime TV.

If you’ve recently purchased any of the Echo Show devices you’re going to want to know how to control it and if there’s any fancy tips & tricks.

Setting up your Echo Show

Setting up your Echo Show is just as simple as most other Amazon Alexa devices, it’s typically plug, play, set up internet and enjoy. Simply place your Echo Show where you need it: Living Room, Bedroom Table, Kitchen Counter (Great for recipes).

Wait for Alexa to welcome you with her infamous “Hello.”, follow the on-screen instructions which allows you to select a Language and then connect to your Wi-Fi.

You will need an Amazon Account for the last step, but I’m assuming you have one if you ordered it through Amazon directly!

Navigating your Echo Show

Your Echo Show can be controlled by voice and touch screen, the basics are as follows:

How to go to the home screen: Say, “Alexa, Go Home”. This will bring you pack to the screen with your cards. You can also swipe down from the top and select “Home”. If you have a Fire TV stick, you can also ask it the same thing.

How to view Echo Settings: Say, “Alexa, go to settings”. Alternatively, you can scroll down from the top of your screen and select the gear for settings.

How to scroll through a list: Say “Alexa, Scroll up / down”. This is fantastic for anyone who uses their Echo Show in the kitchen and has recipes. You can scroll left, right, up and down.

Media control: Say “Alexa, Pause”, “Alexa, Next”, “Alexa, Previous”, “Alexa, go back”. These work if you’re watching Amazon Prime, YouTube or Hulu.

Got something you’re stuck on? The Amazon Support Documentation probably has a solution.

Using the Amazon Alexa App

If you want to manage your Echo Show, you will need the Alexa App which is entirely free of charge. If you haven’t already gotten the Amazon App on your Smart Phone or Smart Tablet, follow the relevant steps:

Android Device:

IOS (iPhone) Device:

Did you know you can manage your Alexa from your PC / Laptop?

Alexa Control on PC
It’s not great, but it’ll do

The Amazon Alexa App is a built as a phone web application which simply allows you to open it in your browser.

If you have Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can open the Amazon Alexa App directly in your browser.

How do I change my Echo Show Wake word?

Typically you would just say “Alexa” and then a command, but that’s not always a preferred method of Waking your device. You can’t customise it but you can select from the following list:

To change your Echo devices wake word, you can say “Alexa, go to settings” and then tap Device Options > Wake Word and change it.

Alternatively, you can simply swipe down from the top of the device and select the cog icon.

This can also be changed via your Amazon Alexa App, Simply open the app, select “Devices”, scroll down to “wake word” and select the option you desire.

How do I reset my Echo Show?

Set it up incorrectly? It happens, but luckily resetting your Echo Show is extremely easy! If you’re looking to factory reset this, follow these steps:

Note: All data will be deleted on your Echo Show, this means it’s essentially as if it’s coming out the box when you first get it. You will then need to run through the initial set up states.

Is it possible to drop in on an Echo Show?

If you’ve got multiple Echo devices, there’s a fantastic feature called Drop-In which allows you to essentially have a call with another device on the same network (And a specific list of external devices).

It’s really quite simple, just ask your Echo show: “Alexa, Drop in on X”. X being the other device that you have on your network.

An example of this would be, “Alexa, Drop in on Kitchen Echo”. From this point onwards you can have a two-way conversation. This is tool essentially turns Alexa into an intercom system for your home.

Can I watch movies on my Echo Show?

Yes! Your echo show screen may be small but it’s fully capable of watching Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube! Did you know your Echo Show also has an internet browser?

You can watch TV shows and movies directly with Amazon Prime Video (TV) via your Amazon Echo Show (Or Spot) on the basis you have an Amazon Prime Account.

How to play prime video on echo show

If you want to watch a TV show or Movie that’s found on Amazon Primes service, simply say “Alexa, Play (Name of the show) on Amazon Prime Video”.

For example, “Alexa, play Hunters on Amazon Prime Video”.

How to watch YouTube on the Echo Show

How to watch YouTube on the Echo Show

You need to choose to go down one or two browsers. These will either be Silk or Firefox, Simple say “Alexa Open (your choice). When the browser opens, you can select the preset bookmark for YouTube as normal.

Unfortunately, you can’t use your voice to search through YouTube, as such, you may wish to just purchase an Amazon Firestick.

How to watch live TV on your Echo Show

As of the moment, the Echo Show Devices only supports Live TV as a third party from Alexa Skills. You can choose from a small selection like:

If you’re outside the US, you may need a VPN to connect to these. If you want to start your own media server, you can actually cast straight to the Echo Show but that’s a little more complex!

Turning your Echo show into a Digital Photo Frame

Amazon Echo Show Tips & Tricks
Simply say “Alexa Show my (Album Name) Album”

You’re going to need to have an album on your slideshow which is stored on your Amazon Prime Photos.

If you want to change the speed in which it changes across to other pictures, Swipe down from the top, go to settings and then select Display, from here change the slideshow speed.

How can I display my Google Drive documents?

You can view your Google Drive documents via the Browser Option in your echo show, this is either going to be Silk or Firefox.

I’d highly suggest picking Firefox in this instance as it’s a lot more optimised to dynamic page content.

Watching your CCTV

This is one of the features we love most, watching your CCTV has never been easier with an Echo Device. Whether it’s Blink, Ring or a third party with Alexa integration, simply ask “Alexa, Watch (Camera Name)” and she’ll connect you.

This actually works with Ring Doorbells as well, simply assign your ring doorbell a specific name like “Front Door” and ask Alexa “Alexa, Watch Front Door”. If you do it incorrectly, she’ll suggest an autocorrection for this name.

For some companies like Ring, Arlo and Blink, you will need to install their retrospective skill via the Alexa App first and link your account. Once this is done, it’s simply a one and done option and you can just carry on without even thinking about it again.

How to start a video call

Like the CCTV, you may want to use Alexa to video call other Echo Show owners. It’s really simple, you will need the person you’re calling to be listed under the contacts of your Alexa App.

Once done, you simply need to say “Alexa, call Sharon”, replacing Sharon with the user’s name.

Grab yourself a wall mount!

Amazon Echo Show Wall Mount

Want to use your Echo on the wall? Like a Smart Home Device Dashboard? A wallmount may be perfect for what you need, the only issue is that due to how bulky the Amazon Echo Show is, it’ll likely poke out of the wall.

If you’re not fussed about that, there’s a lot of different options which are around $10/£10 and under.

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