Amazon Unveils the Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/24/20 •  3 min read
Eero Pro 6 release

If you’ve been following today’s announcements, you will have seen that Amazon has shown off its new spherical Echo device as well as a new Zigbee Smart Home Hub Wi-Fi 6 Router. It’s a mouthful but there’s a reason why this is good news!

The Eero Pro 6 is a Triband router which actually offers one band for 2.4GHz devices and two 5GHz bands for other devices that require faster speeds. Amazingly, the device covers up to around 2,000 square feet per router/extender.

If you go with the standard Eero 6 or Eero Extender, it only offers a single dual-band that covers around 1,500 square feet.

How much does the Eero and Eero Pro 6 cost?

There were two Eero devices announced, the Eero 6 ($129.99 / £99.99) and the Eero Pro 6 ($229.99 / £179.99).

Much like the other Smart Home products that Amazon has released in the last decade, these devices are clean, smooth and skip on extra aesthetic design purely in favour of performance.

The fantastic thing about the Eero device is that it has built-in Zigbee support, works as a Wi-Fi 6 Router AND is a general Smart Home Hub, which means you won’t need all those other devices that connect your devices to your network!

When does the Eero release in the UK/US?

It’s due to release on November 2, 2020, with Pre-Orders open now in the US. However, if you’re in the UK it does appear that the devices are available to purchase with Prime Delivery.

What is Eero Secure?

If you value your privacy, this is a fantastic collection of tools built straight into your network. You’ll get protection from online threats, a Password Manager and a built-in VPN.

What is Eero Secure?

Want to monitor your usage or stats? Not a problem, this fantastic subscription service also has weekly insights and activity center. It’s definitely worth checking out!

You get a 30-day trial to eero Secure whenever you purchase an eero 6 device, the actual plans themselves are so cheap.

For a quick breakdown, see the following:

eero Secure
$2.99/mo ($29.99/yr)
eero Secure+
$2.99/mo ($29.99/yr)
Advanced SecurityYesYes
Safe FilteringYesYes
Ad BlockingYesYes
Activity CenterYesYes
Weekly InsightsYesYes

This pricing scheme knocks a lot of VPN providers out of the park alone, along with the Password Manager and an in-built Ad Blocker. Personally, this is something I WILL be picking up and using.

If you purchase all these services they offer, you’re only going to pay $99/yr a year instead of $298.99/yr.

What if I have problems with the Wi-Fi reception in my home?

Amazon Unveils the Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Lucky for you, due to this being a mesh-based system built to expand, Amazon has also introduced the Eero Extender which jumps onto your original Eero router and simply boost your Wi-Fi signal in that locale.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 may sound like just another boring ‘upgrade’, but it’s actually a great jump in Wi-Fi technology. It’s essentially a collection of additional technologies that allow your Wi-Fi connection to be more stable and if your ISP allows for higher speeds, to run quicker.

Wi-Fi 6 is around 3.5GBPS faster than Wi-Fi 5 at a total of 9.6GBPS, it’s been around for over a year now. To see it in a Zigbee Smart Hub is only good news.

To confirm, Wi-Fi 6 isn’t all about speed, with every home increasing the amount of devices on their network you’ll notice a slowdown on your network as well as a dip in quality based on how many devices are on your network.

Wi-Fi 6 allows you to have a much higher device count and this is a positive because most homes are increasing the average Wi-Fi devices they use.

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