Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/13/20 •  5 min read

The Amazon Echo is huge, it’s our favourite Smart Home Voice Assistant. Every December we have the Amazon Echo rammed down our throats, why? Because it’s a cheap and useful Smart Home Assistant.

Whilst this is the case, a voice assistant can get boring within the first few hours, even after you check out the Alexa easter eggs. That’s why I’ve created this list of accessories that’ll not only help you set up your Amazon Alexa, but also get more functionality / ease of use from it.

Some of these devices simply work along side the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot etc, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot accessories

To quickly break it down, this is every product I recommend you get, these links will take you straight to the breakdown I have on the product (You won’t get taken to an affiliate site!)

Fire TV Stick in 4K

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

I’ve got 3 of these (Only 2 TVs), so let me explain. The first Fire Stick I had originally simply stopped working with my TV. I assumed the stick was on the way out and wasn’t worth it, “TRASH” I would shout at the TV as it flickered between showing and a blue screen.

I ended up ordering another Fire Stick, which had the same issue. Turns out the issue was the TV, my bad.

Regardless of my own personal issues, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is pretty damn good. It’s the one media stick on the market plagued with the least amount of issues.

It supports 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Vision, it comes with a remote with option voice control on it and it has accss to multiple apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and even Crunchy Roll!

Want some more flexibility? The Amazon Firestick comes with 8GB of onboard storage just to allow you to download apps like Plex, for those completely ‘legitimate’ movies you have obtained.

It’s so simple to set up as well, simply plug, play and follow the on-screen instructions.

Stylish Battery Base

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

If you have a 3rd Generation Echo Dot and like to go travelling, this is a pretty gadget to have. It doesn’t weigh a lot, it’s extremely thin, so it only increases the total height by around 2.5cm.

The battery lasts for roughly 8 hours (Assuming you leave it at 50% volume). This doesn’t make the device sound better or worse, or improve it at all. However, it does provide a longer time of usage for your tunage.

Definitely take it easy before you put your echo dot in it, it’s a bit tight to start with. There’s some holes which you need to make sure are lined up before going ahead with this!

Echo Dot Wall Mount

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

I would have some pictures of this, but I stupidly thought that maybe my Google Home Mini would fit in this whilst testing and broke it, as such, I highly suggest only using this for your Echo Dot!

Otherwise, it’s extremely useful! It tucks away your cables, the actual Alexa device drops down so it’s not in the way of your other plugs.

It boasts better sound quality, but I honestly didn’t see a benefit. If anything, it’s just like putting your phone speaker next to a wall to make it sound louder.

Echo Wall Clock

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

I have to admit, the Echo Wall Clock is a bit of a gimmick. But, if you want a more authenticate timer and love to cook, this works really well in your Kitchen.

It’s not as intrusive or loud as the Amazon Echo, it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing and it makes a great gift for a chef friend or cook enthusiast.

This does require an Echo Device, so its not its own inbuilt-system… yet.

Echo show stand

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

Got an Echo Show? I’m not leaving you out! This little swivel stand is great for the kitchen if you’re looking to watch a movie whilst you cook.

It rotates at a complete 360 degrees and the longitude can change by around 25 degrees.

To confirm, this doesn’t work with the Amazon Echo Show 8.

Echo Dot Stand

Echo Dot 3rd Generation Stand

Just like the stand for the Echo Show, there’s a stand for the Echo Dot (3rd Generation), although, I don’t really see much point in it as you can just leave the 3rd Generation device on the table.

However, this accessory has an abundance of positive reviews and boasts improving sound visibility! However, I’ve seen a few reviews where users say she doesn’t listen any better with this (Which makes sense).

Still, if you want to neaten up your desk, this little gadget is perfect!

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Old School Alarm Clock

Best Alexa Accessories you NEED in your Smart Home

Excuse the long title, it’s hard to describe this without going into a long name. Remember those old school alarms which rung the two bells on the top? Now imagine your Echo Dot in the middle of it.

Cool, I think? Personally, I’m not a fan of the design, but this would make a fantastic Christmas Present for someone you know is going to get an Echo Dot.

It’s got a pretty snug fit, so you shouldn’t see any issues long term.

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