Which is the Best Router For Smart Home Automation?

By Kolly James •  Updated: 09/21/21 •  8 min read

The average American household has eleven connected gadgets. Consider what a “smart homes” average number of linked gadgets are.

According to Statista, there’ll be over seventy-five billion IoT-linked gadgets by 2025. For smart homes, you’ll need WiFi routers that are quick, safe, and dependable. High-speed routers are an absolute necessity for smart homes that have a lot of smart gadgets.

These include cameras or doorbells. It will enable devices to interact successfully with one another and will allow you to operate them wirelessly via the internet.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best smart home routers to make it easy for you to choose the best when you go hunting for one. Read and enjoy!

Smart Home Routers: What Are They?

Multiple devices and appliances are linked to a router in smart homes, which might reduce connection speed and cause smart devices to malfunction.

Smart routers enable you to link your WiFi devices, ZigBee, and Z-Wave and have them operate in unison to make your home more secure, smart, and efficient.

The ideal intelligent routers allow IoTs (Internet of Things) to function properly while still allowing you to use the internet on your phone or computer. They can effectively manage the demands of current users and networked smart gadgets.

WiFi 6E Routers

WiFi 6E is the latest name for WiFi 6 devices that can transmit signals in the six GigaHertz bands, something conventional routers couldn’t achieve until lately when the Federal Communications Commission agreed to allow unregulated usage of that spectrum.

Because the six Giga Hertz spectrum has more than double the capacity of the five Giga Hertz frequency and no traditional WiFi gadgets that use it, the hook is that you’ll have your private multi-lane freeway for your web traffic.

The Best Router For Smart Homes in 2021

Our team of competent researchers came up with these seven first-rate routers for your smart home gadgets in 2021 after spending hours studying and reviewing. Choose one to make it easier to leverage your smart gadgets. Below are our comprehensive assessments of the top-rated smart home routers.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX11000 Wireless Router

Netgear NightHawk

As a cutting-edge router with cutting-edge software and hardware, NETGEAR AX12 is the ideal router for smart homes and multitaskers.

Using and setting up this router is a breeze. It connects to the internet modem and can be configured in minutes using a smartphone application. AX12 works with any network provider, whether they deliver internet through DSL, fibre, or satellite.

A WPA3 security protocol, 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU, QAM, QoS, and DOS are included. Its sophisticated hardware makes it a plus for use in smart homes gadgets.


  • Quick & dependable
  • 2500 square ft of range
  • Netgear is a top known brand
  • Futuristic Aesthetic
  • Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands


  • Expensive
  • Requires some basic understanding of networking

ASUS GT-AX11000 Tri-Band Router

Which is the Best Router For Smart Home Automation?

The GT-AX11000 is a powerful and sophisticated router designed for heavy use. It can perform high-definition video streaming, intensive gameplay, remote work, large downloads, and smart home gadgets all at the same time with ease. 

It boasts modern and quality hardware, including a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and one gigabyte RAM, allowing it to manage many gadgets and heavy uploads/downloads at the same time.

With its eight Gigabit local area network gateways, it’s excellent for homes with a lot of connected gadgets. It assures compatibility with all home internet devices.

The AX11000 is ideal for covering an area of 1,800 square feet. If you’ve got a larger room, mesh routers may be used to provide more connection points and coverage around your home.

Its sophisticated tracking system will keep track of each gadget’s bandwidth use. Real-time metrics for gadgets, including data consumption and browsing habits, are available.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with “Gamer-friendly” options
  • Several Ethernet ports
  • Network Pooling on multi-gigabit WAN
  • Network Malware security for life
  • Strong & Effective parental controls


  • Quite Expensive
  • Very Large

ASUS RT-AX88U Wireless Router

Which is the Best Router For Smart Home Automation?

The RT-AX88U is a next-gen router that supports the 802.11Ax protocol. 802.11Ax protocols have broader coverage than their 802.11Ac counterparts. As a result, it offers up to six gigabytes of uninterrupted and swift wireless connectivity.

Even for the most non-tech individuals, home automation systems are easier to is use with the RT-AX88U. It’s designed to manage numerous gadgets at the same time, making it an ideal home automation router.

It has eight-gigabit ethernet connections, allowing you to connect additional gadgets that are not compliant with Wi-Fi.

The Rt-AX88U uses specific wake time functionality to organize data transfer for certain endpoints. This ensures that gadgets get communications only when they are required, increasing their battery power.


  • Installation is straightforward
  • Exceptional service availability
  • AiMesh is supported
  • The quad-core CPU is quick
  • The latest WiFi protocol 11ax is supported


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Not a very reliable solution

Amazon eero WiFi router

Amazon eero WiFi router

The eero router is a modest, sleek, and flexible router offered by Amazon. It is a triple-band WiFi router that allows you to accomplish so much with your intelligent systems at the same time.

Amazon eero pro is a fantastic starting point for smart household enthusiasts. With this wireless system, you’ll receive a superior transmission. When necessary, you may connect a second eero pro to provide coverage in other areas of your home.

The Amazon eero Pro WiFi router is comprised of sophisticated technology that, with frequent upgrades, will grow more dependable with time. It guarantees that you get the most up-to-date safety and some other important features.


  • The router comes with three bands.
  • Easy installation
  • In-built Zigbee radio
  • Alexa-compliant
  • A large area of service coverage


  • Expensive
  • Requires subscription for additional services (Parental control & malware protection)
  • No options for QoS
  • No USB Ports

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 WiFi Router

Which is the Best Router For Smart Home Automation?

This Netgear product comes with fewer features. It has nearly identical capabilities to the AX12. It is the ideal router for people who do not have sophisticated and innovative usage, such as video gaming and large downloads.

The AX8 has double-band WiFi with eight channels, a 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU, QAM, QoS, DOS, VPN, with a maximum throughput of six gigabits per second.

AX8 is as easy to install and administer, much as AX12. It connects to your existing internet system in minutes using a smartphone application. AX8 will connect to any network operator, whether they deliver internet through DSL, fibre, or satellite.

Its eight high-performance concealed antennae disseminate WiFi across the space. It may cover a total area of 2500 sq. ft. A Netgear wireless router may be added for further coverage.


  • Speedy and reliable router
  • The 2500 square feet range is incredible.
  • Well-known brand
  • Striking aesthetic
  • Mobile UI is simple to use


  • A little expensive
  • There isn’t a lot of technical assistance.


What makes mesh routers different from a conventional router?

Conventional routers serve as a central access point for all household gadgets. It might create traffic issues sometimes.

While mesh network solutions devolve these gateways, rather than linking to a central internet connection, they generate numerous nodes in your household that offer online connections to all your home appliances.

Mesh networks are excellent solutions for those with big homes containing numerous IoTs. They can also be readily expanded.

Which is the best WiFi router for use in smart homes?

The ideal router for use in smart homes is the NETGEAR AX12. It boasts cutting-edge technology and contemporary WiFi 6 capabilities, it won’t go out of style in the coming years.

This router, which can accomplish several tasks at once, is simple to configure. It is the perfect option for multi-taskers residing in smart homes

Which wireless router is ideal for big homes?

The NETGEAR AX12 has a service range of about 2500 sq.ft., sufficient for big households. If your home is more than 2500 sq ft, mesh routers can be used to expand the range. They will produce the greatest smart home wireless connectivity.

Which NetGear router is ideal for home automation usages?

The Nighthawk AX12 is the finest home automation router. It is Netgear’s newest Wi-Fi router with the most sophisticated technology and contemporary Wi-Fi 6 compliance that won’t go out of style in decades.

Furthermore, it will simultaneously cater to more gadgets than the present modem. While intelligent IoTs are linked and functioning over the web, you may still accomplish demanding activities.

Which home automation router is the most effective?

The Nighthawk AX12 is by far the most effective and finest router for smart homes, and it’s perfect for both multitasking and intensive activities. It includes the latest technology, including a 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU, QAM, QoS, DOS, VPN, and the WPA3 protocols, among other features.


The internet is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of smart home systems. Any IoT gadget that you wish to remotely access ought to be linked to a safe internet connection.

Getting the ideal router for home automation systems might be challenging, particularly for the non-techies. Hence, we brainstormed and reviewed the top routers for smart homes in the market.

We compiled this list of the top home automation routers. We hope you’re able to choose the ideal option for your smart home.

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