Best Smart Light Bulbs

By Bradly Spicer December 7th, 2020

A great way to get into Smart Home Technology either to make your life easier or as a hobbyist is to start with smart light bulbs! Whether you’re looking into Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs, we’ll tell you what you need!

Smart Bulbs we’ve used and reviewed

To save you the hassle, check out our reviews of specific bulbs that we’ve set up from scratch as a new user and critically tear apart.

Recommended Smart Bulbs breakdown

Not got time for a full review? Check out or miniature breakdowns.

Sengled Smart LED Starter Kit

Sengled Smart Bulb and Hub
Photo by me! 😉

Sengled gets somewhat dominated by the Philips Hue brand, but where it really wins is the price tag. It’s no secret Smart Bulbs can save you money, but why not save a little more money and go with a brand which has barely any less features?

Sure, they’re not at bright as the Hue bulbs generally, but they’re fantastic for any new Smart Home user who doesn’t want 100s of Smart Home Apps on their phone for various third-party chinese bulbs.

Philips Hue Bulbs & Light Switch

Best Smart Light Bulbs
Photo from Amazon

We’ve been using Philips Hue for around 2 years now and have 0 complaints in regards to using it in a small household. Yes, they’re quite expensive, yes once you’re in the ecosystem other products are expensive, but, what it offers in terms of brightness and flexibility is what attracted me.

The price is only worth it if you’ve already bought their products during a Black Friday or Prime Day sale.

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