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Smart switches with no neutral / Earth wire


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Which Smart Bulbs don’t require a hub?
Zigbee: A complete beginners breakdown

Before we begin There are two main protocols for any Smart Home, these are Zigbee and Z-Wave. There’s a lot of debate on which is the best option, but in this post we will break down what this technology is, how it’s used and why it’s good/bad. This will be quite an intensive look into

Hands Free LG Smart TV Userguide

How do I connect my TV to Google Home? It appears that LG Smart TVs are quite common in having issues connecting to Google Home, it’s worth noting that not all LG Smart TVs on the market support Google Assistant & Google Home. Your LG Smart TV will only allow Google Home & Google assistanct

Why Coronavirus is bad for the Smart Home Industry

Has Coronavirus impacted Smart Homes? The Coronavirus crisis is impacting all of us, I’m currently self-isolating and working from home with a nice cup of coffee (Which my Smart Mug is holding). According the Omdia (An independent analyst and consultancy firm headquartered in London), the Global Smart Home Market may fall as much as up

An intro to Zigbee Technology and using it

Before we start, definitely do check out our beginners guide to Zigbee if you haven’t already! What is Zigbee wireless technology To break it down, Zigbee is a wireless technology which was developed as a global standard to produce low-cost & low-power wireless IoT (Internet of things) networks. Both Bluetooth and Wireless are used for

Neos Smartcam – The cheapest way to protect your home

I’ve been comparing the Blink XT-2 and the Neos Smart Cam for a few weeks now. It’s a pretty good system and for the price, it’s a great budget setup. You can get yourself 5 cameras for the cheap price of £100. What is the Neos SmartCam? The Neos Smart Cam is an affordable Smart

Echo Buds – A non-sponsored review

What are the Amazon Echo Buds? Wireless ear buds took the world by storm in 2019, the AirPods were basically the next Nike Airs. To cut it short, the Amazon Echo Buds are surprisingly good in comparison to their more expensive counterpart the AirPods. How to turn any TV into a Smart TV for Free