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Smart switches with no neutral / Earth wire


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Which Smart Bulbs don’t require a hub?
Echo Buds – A non-sponsored review

What are the Amazon Echo Buds? Wireless ear buds took the world by storm in 2019, the AirPods were basically the next Nike Airs. To cut it short, the Amazon Echo Buds are surprisingly good in comparison to their more expensive counterpart the AirPods. How to turn any TV into a Smart TV for Free

Magic mirror Raspberry Pi 3 / 4 / Zero

At the start of 2019 I promised myself I would make a Magic Mirror on my Raspberry pi 3, I put it off for so long, a few nights ago I sat down with the intention of staying up and getting it done. How to connect Alexa to your new smart TV Turn your dumb

How to turn any TV into a Smart TV for Free

With this guide, I’m going to show you how to convert your tv to smart tv. This guide was written in 2019 but has been kept up to date with modern standards It’s 2020, everyone who buys a new TV will expect it to be a Smart TV, but what’s the point in swapping out

A complete guide on Amazon Alexa’s jokes

Alexa has a humorous side, believe it or not! It just takes a few commands before you’re rolling on the floor laughing. It couldn’t be any simpler than asking Alexa to “Tell me a joke”, you’ll get the same repeated jokes with various formats and some funny replies.

However, what if I told you that you could unlock the AI’s funnier side with a few simple questions/triggers? Try it out yourself!

Amazon Alexa as baby monitor

Whilst I would advise simply getting a baby monitor as they will have more functionality, the Amazon products can be used as an Alexa Baby Monitor in the interim if you’re in a tight spot. The Best Smart Home Devices in 2020 Home Automation for Dummies You can use the “Alexa Call Feature” between two

How Much Internet Speed Does Your Smart Home Need?

When you have everything connected to your one network which then goes out to the internet (IoT), you may wonder if it will slow everything down. Which is a fair question, and one which I will answer. Will my Smart Home slow down my internet? Your Smart Home Network is interconnected, everything communicates on your