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Housebook – A Smart Home Inventory App Review

July 18th, 2020 by

Whilst I was browsing reddit on the weekend as I do, I noticed a post by u/PickAGoodUsername which lets you ask Google about Dumb devices in your household. Typically curious if this was the first step into a fully automated lifestyle which was built around making life easier, I instantly downloaded it, dusted of my

Dibea D500 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Review

July 18th, 2020 by

The best budget robot vacuum – In my opinion I’m an extremely lazy human, I have a device that grows fresh plants for me in my home and now, I have what I would call the ultimate budget robot vacuum. Step aside Roomba, Dibea is on the scene. Vacuuming can be extremely boring, which is

Indoor Herb Kits – Buyers Guide

July 14th, 2020 by

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own plant whilst inside, you can do it with complete ease. The Click and Grow is one of many Smart Gardens that can help you achieve this, alternatively, there’s plenty of other Smart Garden brands you can look into! You don’t need to be a professional to get

Unboxing & Review of the Click and Grow 3

July 6th, 2020 by

I’ve had my Click and Grow Smart Garden for quite a while now, just sitting under my desk waiting for the perfect time to come out. I think I’m ready to review and test home automation Smart Gardens. Getting right into it, this is a great investment for any beginner/enthusiast who has a small living

Start a Smart Home – A Beginner’s Guide

June 21st, 2020 by

06/30/2020 – This guide is being constantly updated as of the moment. We are creating an ultimate Smart Home Guide with the aims of having around 50,000+ words for all topics in this industry. Please bare with us! Consider joining our newsletter or getting in touch in the comments! A Beginners Guide To Smart Homes

Blink Mini review: Is it worth the price?

June 16th, 2020 by

I’ve seen a ton of reviews since early April about the Blink Mini and it’s been very hit or miss. So, I decided to grab one and will let you know my thoughts. If you haven’t read my indepth Blink XT2 review, check it out first for a comparison, I’m still a massive fan of

What is the best Z-Wave Thermostat?

June 15th, 2020 by

Optimising your energy bill should be a top priority as a Smart Home user, you want to keep your house warm but not spend more money? A Z-Wave thermostat is the way to do it. Using the latest technology you can create a system which detects the temperature in your house and automatically turns your

Echo Flex Review: It’s the best choice.

June 7th, 2020 by

Technology is moving forward and this is one of the first devices with Alexa built in. We should definitely expect more in the future; Echo Shower, Echo Toilet Seat, Echo Pillow, Echo chair. The list is endless! What is the Echo Flex? The echo plug is a great way of putting the Amazon Smart Assistant

Wellindal Review – STAY AWAY

June 5th, 2020 by

With lockdown going on longer than expected, I decided to order some new goods for my home. Really start to spruce up my working area, given this is only the first wave of the fear Covid-19. What Smart Home Enthusiast WOULDN’T want a futuristic/minimalist looking home? Upon searching for “Clean Office Desks Cheap”, I found

So, I got the TP-Link Powerline Adapter Starter Kit…

May 7th, 2020 by

The walls at my home are pretty thick, it makes streaming in 4K very difficult as I have to wait almost as long as the shows length before it’s finished buffering despite having fairly good download speeds. To be specific, I purchased the TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT and placed it at the mid point of my property,

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