Connect Kasa to Google Home – How To & Fix

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 05/26/19 •  2 min read

When it comes round to saving money, The TP LINK Kasa Smart Plug is one of the better options for Google Home, however whilst testing it I noticed that it wouldn’t recognise my voice command. Upon searching this, I found varied results and hopefully an answer that helps you connect your Kasa to Google home.

For some users, simply saying “Ok Google, Sync Devices” seems to be a fix, but if, like myself, you didn’t get a decent answer. The solution I found from a Richard Chang was to open the Google Home App and navigate to “Account”, Setup or Add > Setup Device, Manage Accounts > TP-Link Kasa, Check for new devices. This will ask you to log in to your Kasa account, once done select your existing devices and everything should work.[1]

But my Kasa product still doesn’t work?

The above was a fix for myself as far as I can tell, a lot of other users. But I did see a fair few varying points which came up, some of these are obviously not going to apply to you as they didn’t me, but they are worth a try.

Using spaces in the device name can cause issues, changing “Desk Light” to “DeskLight” will fix this, but isn’t as easily readable, my suggestion would be to use an underline “Desk_Light”.

Should this not work, remove the Kasa App from your device and reinstall it, I would avoid removing/reinstalling Google First as it is your core hub device. Once done, it will ask for your login details to Kasa again which should allow you to then resync by asking Google “Ok Google, Sync Devices”.

Is the Kasa Wifi Plug worth it?

Other than this connectivity issue, from my experience and the experience I’ve seen online, yes. It’s worth it, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t better products out there which are better value you for money.

It’s crucial to remember that Home automation shouldn’t be about you faffing with your apps all the time making sure it’s working correctly. Overall, the product is a ⭐⭐⭐ product from my perspective!.

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