Do Night Owl Security Cameras Need Internet?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/24/21 •  2 min read

Night Owl Security has been absolutely dominating the Smart Security Camera scene for a while now, if you’re a fan of keeping everything in-house and having internal storage the Night Owl Security Camera is a fantastic choice.

So, much like many other Smart home security cameras, Do Night Owl Security Cameras require an internet connection? The answer is No. I spoke to Thomas P at the customer support for Nightowlsp who confirmed that you will always need your Night Owl system to be connected to the main Wi-Fi router via Ethernet cable and having an internet connection is for connecting external via the app.

Night Owl Security Camera Support

The only time you require an internet connection is to review your footage from a remote location outside your network which can be done via Computer, Smart Phone & Tablet.

All of the Night Owl Security Cameras can be run on a localised network which requires no internet connection, you’ll be able to store all footage on the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) & Micro SD cards, another fantastic feature of these cameras is that they often come with 1-2TB (Terabytes) of storage which can be transferred over via a USB cable.

There are two types of Night Owl Camera, the NVR and DVR; both of which will store footage to your Hard Disk Drives and SD card.

VDP2-81-8 Night Owl Smart Home Camera System

NVR is a Network Video Recorder and DVR is a Digital Video Recorder, both of these types come with a Security Hub which allows you to control your selection of cameras, over its own wireless connection (Separate to your localised network). This hub works on a range of up to 300 ft in range.

If you have the Night Owl Connect app, you can use it as a two-way audio intercom, this means you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection.

What do I need the internet for?

Whilst you may not need a Wi-Fi connection to connect to your cameras locally, your first initial setup will require you to have a Wi-Fi connection to download the App along with any firmware updates on the hub + Cameras.

If you want to access the video footage from a network outside the Cameras own network, you will also need a Wi-Fi connection.

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