Top 3 Echo Flex Attachments you need to get

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/14/20 •  3 min read

On my Echo Flex Review (Which I rated it at 5 stars), I labelled it as a product you 100% need if you’re already familiar with Smart Home Technology.

The great thing about the Echo Flex is that it’s essentially a portable jack-of-all-trades; you can use it to turn on your lights, listen to music, control the television, much like any Echo device.

However, additionally, to the standard features, the Echo Flex has a USB port which allows for the use of extra modules/attachments. The Echo Flex itself being so small and easy to tuck away makes it a fantastic addition to any room.

You can use the USB-A port to charge your phone, tablet, external devices etc. But it’s much better when used with one of the Flex Attachments, which as of current are mostly third-party.

Amazon Echo Flex Attachments (AEFA), are really a great look into where the future of the Amazon Echo could go, having a voice assistant is great but it uses up a plug socket and for the price they are, that’s not a great design.

So, without any more deep dives and explanations, here are the current Echo Flex Attachments:

Night Light for Echo Flex

Night Light Attachment for Echo Flex

Whilst Amazon still markets the Night Light as the “Best All-New Third Party attachment”, I think it is honestly an attachment that should come as a default with the Echo Flex.

Quite simply, it’s just a vibrant light that displays colours with up to around 20 lumens. Not bright enough to lighten the whole room like a Smart Bulb, but definitely perfect for winding down for the night. It’s as simple as clicking in and having it work.

Smart Clock for Echo Flex

Smart Clock Attachment Echo Flex

If you have a plug socket near your bed, or visible from your pillow, the Smart Clock attachment is great for the Amazon Echo Flex.

Otherwise, it’s great for your kitchen, set a timer, see the time whenever you need to, all from the neatly tucked away Echo Flex.

It is a little specific, so there are other attachments I would deem as a better choice. But if you’re looking for something basic, this would be a great little addon for a friend as a gift, especially at the price bracket.

Amazon Motion Sensor for Echo Flex

Motion Sensor Attachment Echo Flex

If you still use IFTTT, the motion sensor attachment is a great little tool for triggering various Smart Home tech, you can use it to turn on lights when you walk past (Perfect for a garage).

Even without IFTTT you can use it with various hubs like the Philips Hue Hub, The Home Assistant Hub and even the AvaCube hub.

In terms of just connecting to a bulb, it works with most brands like Hue, Voccolink, Wyze and even Sengled.

I can’t think of too many instances that this would be useful as plugs are fairly low off the floor.

If you do have some higher plugs, or fit one just for Amazon Echo, this is a great attachment.

Related to this, if you’re not too fussed about your garage looking aesthetically pleasing, you can hold up a Smart Extension Lead to the wall and raise the motion sensor via that.

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