EDF Smart Home Automation worth it?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 08/26/19 •  3 min read

Before getting into this, I do need to let you know that I did have an ‘EDF Smart Home’ prior to recently moving over to Bulb (UK) which resulted in much cheaper electricity bills.

What does EDF have to do with Smart Homes?

EDF has partnered with a lot of Smart Home companies, some of which being Amazon, Philips Hue, TP-Link and Netatmo. After speaking with a sales representative of EDF, they confirmed that there is a 20% off deal for all EDF customers who wish to purchase from the EDF Smart Home Store.

EDF Smart Home Automation worth it?

It was noted that there were plans to have this open to non-EDF customers, although I could get much more information out of them:

As of now, there is no communique of an imminent change in the near horizon. If there is any change, we will roll out a communique at least a couple of months back. It is currently for the existing EDF energy account holders and we are shortly aiming to roll them out for no-existing EDF customers as well so that this facility can be an universal reason for customers to relish.

EDF Support Staff Member

EDF Smart Home Discount Codes:

They also added the following to the end of the chat which should be perfect for any EDF users who aren’t taking part in the 25% off sale (As of writing this post).

Are you interested in discount on Smart home tech, including Amazon Echo & Smart Home Starter Kit? Visit https://smarthomestore.edfenergy.com/ now using the code ThankYou20 for 20% off.

EDF Support Staff Member

EDF Energy Smart Meter

The EDF Smart Meter is no different from any other Smart Meter in all honesty, I could find anything that really made it special. Personally, I recommend the geo Minim Energy Monitor which my family coaxed me into buying.

EDF Smart Home Meter

It provides much more detail than the Smart Meter that EDF Provided me (A few years old, so I can’t comment on newer models if they offer them).

Eligible for Amazon Echo with EDF

There’s a lot of hidden goodies that they hide from their customers it seems, even if it’s not entirely on purpose they aren’t very vocal about it.

For example, if you want an Amazon Echo, sign up to their Connect+Control2 tariff and you should receive it within 30 days.

Amazon also offers an Amazon Skill for checking out your bill and other information for your account.

As far as I can tell there’s a 50/50 on 5* and 1* reviews, it works well for some and works to the point where it’s not even usable for others. I’ll let you be the judge of that though.


I’m not going to tell you to move to EDF, because they’re quite expensive in my opinion and I’m much happier with Bulb who are 100% green energy providers and offer rewards to users who bring their friends over.

HOWEVER, If you’re with them already and looking to stick with them, it may be worth comparing the Smart Home good prices in general with Amazon to see what is cheaper. As of this moment, Amazon is offering the Echo Dot for £34.99 + Free shipping whereas EDF is offering it for £49.99 and with the discount code “ThankYou20” it’s still £40 without free shipping.

Overall, EDF isn’t offering anything better, it’s generally more expensive regardless.

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