Get the best Black Friday Deals for your Smart Home

By Bradly Spicer October 29th, 2019

Black Friday is closing in on us, day by day, some would say it’s the best time to get new technology for your Smart Home. But are they really better around Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Get the best Black Friday Deals for your Smart Home

Before Black Friday is probably the best time to keep an eye when investing in Smart Technology.

You’ll see various deals coming up where Amazon, Google & Samsung are testing the waters on pricing up its goods.

Regardless of which ecosystem you have, or if you have a hybrid, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t as good as they used to be, but they are still good!

If you’re reading this post the day it comes out, then you’ll want to check out my prior blog post on the Amazon Echo Dot and TileMate Deal going on in the UK.

How to find the best Black Friday Deals?

Firstly, I HIGHLY suggest getting Amazon Prime, you can get 30 days free (Which can be cancelled before payment is made), this gives you access to the following:

Black Friday Smart Home Technology
  • Unlimited FREE One-Day Delivery
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows (An alternative to Netflix)
  • Securely store an unlimited amount of photos with anywhere access through Prime Photos (Great alternative to Google Drive for photos)
  • Listen to over two million songs on Prime Music
  • Get exclusive, early access to daily Lightning Deals

With that out the way, keep check of our twitter where I will be tweeting out deals throughout the day which I deem actually good deals and not general discounts you’ll get all year round.

Before starting, set yourself a budget, Black Friday is 100% a gamble. Investing for a full home ecosystem or environment will be expensive, so take this time to either go big or go budget.

A great starting point if you’re new to Smart Home Technology is picking a good Smart Speaker / Home Assistant, if you can’t decide which is better from the Google Home / Amazon Alexa check out my blog post here.

Once you have that sorted, the next target is to decide which you prioritise most and what your budget for each category is, these categories tend to break down to Lighting, Sensors, Thermostats, Security Cameras and Locks.

How much can I save on Black Friday?

Following on from the prior points, I’m going to break this down into the categories and hopefully give you more of an insight into how much you’ll expect to pay in each section.

Speakers / Home Assistants

Smart Home Speakers (Or Home Assistants) are the foot in the door for Smart Home users, most people don’t even realise they’re venturing into this world! As such, you’ll find there’s a highly competitive pricing structure between Amazon Alexa, Google Home and even Apple’s Siri.

Typically these go from anywhere between £20 – £40 during Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Smart Bulbs & Lighting

This is my second most important category because using Smart Home technology to control your lights can save you a bundle of money. If you’d like to go more in-depth on saving money with Smart Home Technology.

Otherwise, you’ll want to be picking up some sort of bundle, for example, the Philips Hue Bundle. Please do note, this will likely put you into a sub-ecosystem where you’ll want to buy more of these products down the line. Check out my other blog post/comparison on the Best Smart Bulbs and Lighting of 2019 for more information on this.


This is where things get a little more expensive, but with good reason. Keeping your home safe and secure is more important than a total of a couple 100 £/$.

With Smart Home Technology, you can set up cameras outside or inside your home, this can be sent directly to your phone where you can watch it or record the footage.

Further to this, you can set up a Smart Lock System which will unlock when you use your phone or a FOB, great for a ‘keyless’ system and simply adding people to your home, these typically also record all in and out activity!


This is another great money saver to be honest, this allows you to control your home’s heating and temperature from around the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Although, I would suggest NOT connecting via a public WIFI connection and using a VPN.

Using last years information to gauge Black Friday Sales

Whilst year to year sales will change, you’ll find they follow a similar pattern and the biggest discounts are the same across the board.

A lot of this tech falls in price by a significant amount because these companies want you to buy into their ecosystem.

If you’re already an avid spender for a specific ecosystem, this is the perfect time to go forward. But remember, Amazon isn’t the only pushing force for Black Friday, if you’re in the UK, check out Currys PC World, Argos and John Lewis.

I’ve even seen places like Tesco have some great deals on Smart Home tech!

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