Housebook – A Smart Home Inventory App Review

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/18/20 •  2 min read

Whilst I was browsing reddit on the weekend as I do, I noticed a post by u/PickAGoodUsername which lets you ask Google about Dumb devices in your household.

Typically curious if this was the first step into a fully automated lifestyle which was built around making life easier, I instantly downloaded it, dusted of my Google Home Mini and gave it a whirl.

Housebook App for Smart Homes
What is the Housebook App?

What is Housebook?

Quite simply, it’s a home inventory system. I know, it sounds boring, you get this stuff at work all the time so why at home? Well, ever had that situation where you leave something in a safe place but forget where it is when you need it most?

Housebook has you covered. Simply take a snapshot of your item and specify where it’s located and you’ll have that added to your inventory! When you need to know where it is, simply ask Google “Google, Ask Housebook where my sunglasses are“.

It’s available for both Android and iOS at the moment, but it’s extremely early days. You’ll find formatting issues, crashes and the occasional bug, however, Cameron Henige, the main guy behind the project seems extremely eager to push this in the right direction.

So, it’s essentially Marie Kondo 2.0?

I guess you could say that, Marie Kondo is more about keeping things in your life that are important to you. This app is more about putting those important things in a place you’ll never lose them.

Hopefully that analogy helps explain the importance of this app, it really is a pretty cool database of information.

Is it Safe?

Going by the dashboard, it does use an authentication process but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

The developer mentioned using Firebase as their security platform, which isn’t a problem at all. The following issue in place as far as I can see is GDPR and having your data managed on a cloud platform.

Personally, I won’t be using this app moving forward due to it being cloudbased and not storing on my devices, however, I can see the need for the cloud based features as you can choose to share data to other users.

Make sure to use a completely new and randomised password and if you use Google to log in that it doesn’t have any unnecessary permissions.

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