How do I install the Blink XT2?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 06/02/20 •  2 min read

I’ve been a huge fan of the Blink XT2 security Camera, if you follow my twitter, you’ll know I use it to watch my rabbit and make sure he doesn’t rip everything up.

The Blink XT2 is an absolutely fantasitc camera, but how do you install it? Starting with, no, you cannot zip-tie it to the fence without issue.

Mounting the Blink XT2 to the wall

When you first get your Blink XT2, you’ll find it comes in 3 parts; the camera, the stand and the base. To put it simply, you will screw the stand into the base which acts as a buffer to the wall and then simply click the camera.

Not particularly good at DIY? Neither am I, I struggled putting a floating shelf on plasterboard.

The Camera isn’t heavy enough to simply fall off when you screw it into plasterboard, but should you wish for a safety net and you’re comfortable, 3 wall plugs (Or Self-Drill plasterboard fixings).

Do I need to keep the Blink-XT2 plugged in?

No, The Blink-XT2 Camera is battery powered, once you haveit set up in its entirety, it can simply be installed and left for around 2 years (As long as there isn’t too much activity). After you’ve had your device for a while, you may notice your Blink Camera flashing red; this indicates low battery or internet connection issues.

If you’re not sure on how to set up the Blink XT2 Camera or the most optimal settings, definitely do check out my extensive Blink XT2 review where I breakdown various features.

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