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How to get free Smart Home Products with Gener8

Not everyone can write a blog and review everything Smart Home related, but if you’re like myself and spend a lot of time working from home / browsing the internet, I may have something that works for you.

In my time on the internet, I’ve done Swagbucks, points2shop etc and whilst they’re worked, they’ve honestly sucked. Doing Surveys only gets you so far and isn’t really worth the time.

BUT, if you are happy to replace Google Ads so that YOU are paid to be targeted, then Gener8ads may be for you. I normally weigh up 100 points as £5.

Proof of Tokens from Gener8
My earnings from Gener8

If you forget this is running, it’s a pretty good way to earn an extra set of bulbs or even a Samsung Smart Hub. It’s available for the UK/ EU and USA, it’s definitely worth it.

You will need to install a chrome extension and it does watch your browsing history, but honestly, it’s worth it in my opinion as you’re being watched by Facebook etc anyway.

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