How to Travel The World With Alexa

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 04/02/21 •  3 min read

How to take your Alexa on Holiday

In this day and age, you’d expect voice assistants to follow you everywhere and whilst this is true with Phone Apps and laptop/tablet voice assistants, what about your standard hub assistant? The Amazon Echo Device can be daunting for any new Smart Home user to set up, let alone moving it from one network to another so it works outside your home!

When you’re using the Amazon Echo at a new location, you’ll want to set it up on a new Wi-Fi network, this means you’ll need to modify your Alexa device via the settings on your phone/tablet.

It is worth noting that some hotel networks don’t actually allow traffic through the Alexa servers and will also track all your data in and out, so do be cautious if you’re big on security and keeping your personal information secret. Your new location will need a WiFi connection of some sort, so if your new living area doesn’t have internet you may need to use a hotspot on your phone.

If you’re visiting a popular location, its definitely worth checking in advance if your location will provide you with an Amazon Echo prior, some places like the Marriott Hotels come equipped with an Echo device with a special “Hospitality Voice” on the off-chance you need to order towels etc. Pretty nifty!

How to change the Alexa Device Network

Total Time: 5 minutes

Plug in your Alexa Device

How to Travel The World With Alexa

Once you’re at the location for your new network, simply plug in your Amazon Echo device and wait for the lights to stop flashing. Once it’s powered on, open the Amazon Alexa App on your Mobile device (Phone / Tablet) and go to settings (The ⚙️ icon). If you’re on the mobile phone app, you may need to select “More” first (3 lines), from here, select “Device Settings”.

Change the Wi-Fi network

How to Travel The World With Alexa

Once you’ve selected your device from the list provided, simply select “Wi-Fi Network” under the “Wireless Subheader”, from here, you’ll go through the setup protocol for re-connecting your Alexa device to a new Wi-Fi connection.

Connect to a New Network

How to Travel The World With Alexa

Once you’ve followed the prior steps you’ll see a list of networks to connect to, once selected (This can take some time to connect), you’ll hear “Your Echo is ready” from the speaker, this means you’re done!

Changing the Device Location

How to Travel The World With Alexa

This step is often forgotten, but without this you won’t be able to find local restaurants or tourist areas, perfect for anyone on Holiday. Navigate back to the “Device settings” page and scroll down to “Device Location”.

Change the country and address to your location, job done!

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