How to use Lifx with Google Home

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 03/05/20 •  4 min read

Setting up LIFX with Google Home is surprisingly easy, it’s got a great little app for controlling your Smart Bulbs, however, Google Assistant has you covered with more options and voice control!

Does Lifx work with Google Home?

Yes! It does and it does it very well. Google Assistant gives you a lot more accessibility and access.

Whether you’re using Google Assistant on your phone, PC or Google Hub, you’ll have full access to tell it what colour you want the light, the brightness and more!

How to connect Lifx Light to Google Home

Connecting your LIFX Bulb could not be easier, follow the steps below and you should be connected in no time at all!

How to set up a new LIFX bulb

  1. Download the LIFX app onto your Smart Phone
  2. Tap the plus button in the top right of the app/screen
  3. Select “Connect Light” from the options
  4. Tap the LIFX bulb you have turned on and plugged in
  5. Enter your Wi-Fi network name and password (On the back of your router).
  6. The bulb will then connect!
  7. If you have any issues, put them in the comments below

How to add a LIFX bulb to Google Home

  1. If you’ve already got the bulb on the network, ignore the steps above
  2. Open the Google Home app on your Smart Phone
  3. Press “Add” followed by “Set up Device”.
  4. From here, you want to select the option under “Works with Google”, Have something already set up?
  5. Find LIFX from the list (It will be a purple orb)
  6. Sign into your LIFX account
  7. It will ask to authorise application, select “Authorize”.
  8. Assign the bulb(s) you have to a specific room.

You’ve officially connected your LIFX bulb(s) to your Google Account! If you’re controlling the bulbs from now, you can do it in the LIFX app or the Google Home App.

Google Home LIFX Commands

Lifx + Google Home Commands

What commands can I use for Lifx bulbs on Google Home

Why is lifx not connecting to Google Home?

My Lifx is not linking to Google Home

There’s a lot of possible issues which may come up, this changes depending on person to person. I highly suggest trying to following steps to break this down:

  1. Check if this is working in the Google Home App
  2. Check if this is working in the LIFX App
    • This should have determined where the break is if there is one
  3. If this is working in the LIFX App but not Google Home App, delete and readd the bulb to Google Home
  4. If this is not working with the LIFX App, make sure you have the most up to date version of the app in your Smart Phone store (Google Play for example).
  5. Make sure your bulbs are on the correct firmware version
  6. Try uninstalling the LIFX App, restarting your phone, reinstalling it.
  7. Try revoking access to other devices via
  8. Feel free to ask in the comments for further help


This is a great little ecosystem for any beginner to advanced Smart Home user. It’s cheap, effective and works really well in most house set ups. LIFX can be a lot cheaper than Philips Hue as well, I highly suggest checking out this Linus Tech Tips video on it:

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