How to Use Your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/26/21 •  2 min read

The Amazon Echo Speaker boasts utility alongside its ability to allow you to use the Alexa voice assistance with it, but you can actually use your Amazon Echo device (Not the Echo Tap) to play your music & podcasts from your Smartphone, Tablet and other devices that use Bluetooth.

This will provide a significant improvement to sound quality and volume to most devices, but can also be an extremely useful workaround to listen to Apple Music/podcast applications.

Unfortunately, not all Echo Smart speakers are particularly great with sound. If you’re using the Echo Dot, for example, it may be fine for general voice updates and news but it can sound quite tin-like for music.

How to Use Your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

As each Echo generation is released, you’ll typically find a much better sound quality, as of writing this, the 4th generation of the Echo devices boasts premium HD audio with its upward-firing woofer and dual tweeters.

If you want to increase the volume you can sync the Echo speakers for Multi-Room however, this is not a feature that is available with Bluetooth technology.

How to pair your echo speaker with a Bluetooth device

Connecting your Bluetooth to your Echo Speaker requires an initial Wi-Fi connection along with the original device to be Bluetooth-enabled. You can connect your devices following these steps:

  1. Keep both your Bluetooth Enabled device and Echo Speaker in range of one another
  2. This step can be skipped if you’ve not used Bluetooth on your Alexa device, but ask her “Alexa, Disconnect” to clean any current connections
  3. Enable your Smartphone, Tablet & Bluetooth device to pairing mode
  4. Ask Alexa: “Alexa, pair”. You will receive a response of “Searching”
  5. Your Bluetooth enabled device may prompt you to select the Echo speaker, once permitted, your Alexa will announce a successful connection
  6. If you want to reconnect these quicker in the future, you can now use “Alexa, pair with (Device Name)”. This does require you to know the name of the device you’re connecting.

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