I got hold of the Avacube Smart Home Hub

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/22/20 •  4 min read

I was recently sent the Avacube Smart Hub with Alexa Built-In, it’s essentially a hands-free tool that allows you to control IR appliances with your voice. Essentially, another way to make dumb products into smart products.

This product was sent to us for free

I’m always very reluctant to take on products for free to review. So I have to be open, I was sent this product with the intention of testing it, reviewing it and checking how good it was. So, definitely take that into consideration as my price point was £0.00.

Avacube Review

Our Conclusion

The idea of having an IR powered Smart Device isn’t exactly new, but having one with Alexa built-in at a pretty affordable price point? Not too bad for a speaker, voice assistant and essentially middle man for dumb devices.


  • Control dumb IR devices
  • Hands-Free voice commands
  • Comes with Alexa
  • Works as a general smart hub
  • Case design has ability to hang it on wall


  • Poor Speaker Quality
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

Let’s talk more about what the Avacube offers

There are quite a few different third-party tools you can use, but none of them advertises the same level of quality that the Avacube does. To put some history behind this, the Avacube started as an IndieGoGo project but didn’t meet the full goal of £3,910 hitting only 35% of its target.

Despite it not getting the full funding, AvatarControls have continued to keep pushing with the AcaCube and honestly, I can see why.

The product is pretty good all things considered, it does exactly as it says, it doesn’t struggle with latency, in fact, it seems just as quick with the hub as it does with your normal Alexa device if you use one.

I got hold of the Avacube Smart Home Hub

The app itself is okay, it’s got quite a clean design which is nice. Much better than most other hubs I’ve downloaded apps for. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Philips Hue app aesthetic, but the lag and latency of the app throws me off.

Luckily, for those of you on iOS, this isn’t another hub where the app is only available for Android users. Gotta give them bonus points for that at least!

Does it work with other Voice Assistants?

Yes, the AvaCube works with other voice assistants like the Google Home, as it’s a hub, you can simply assign it directly to a room or process. Although, I only kept it with the inbuilt Alexa. Because Alexa is better than Google.

Will the device continue to receive support after I purchase it?

I obviously can’t tell you this for certain, but I can make some assumptions based on AvatarControls statements themselves. On their website, they do have a timeline of what they hope to achieve, as of writing this. It is the following:

AvatarControl AvaCube updates and timeline

As you can see, it’s still in the early stages, so there is all the possibility it will be lacking support if the product doesn’t sell. This is however a risk in the Smart Home industry for anyone looking to branch out from the mainstream products.

However, AvatarControls do have a wide range of Smart Home products, including Smart Plugs, Smart Switches and even Smart Light Strips. So it’s quite possible they’re in this for the long run. Definitely something to keep an eye out for.

So, is it worth the money?

Yes. At $44, this is a considerably good product for the price. When you take into consideration the industries top Smart Hub (The Samsung Smart Things), this is extremely cheap.

Despite this being a sponsored review, I can confidently say that I would spend $44 on this purely just to have full IR control. The fact that it’s also a standard hub as well? Just a bonus. and one that I’m extremely happy to have.

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