IFTTT Pro – Why it's still problematic

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/23/20 •  4 min read

As many of you know, IFTTT has updated their pricing scheme to incur a fee for end users. So, not only are they charging companies to hook up to their system but now also charging end users.

There’s been a LOT of backlash, from YouTubers like Paul Hibbert to pretty much everyone on Reddit. Personally, I don’t see $1.99 as a “Pay what you want” kind of scenario.

IFTTT going Pro is quite a big problem when so many users built their network with IFTTT as a core part of their Smart Home Infrastructure. However, if you set your pricing before October 7th, they will honour this forever. Or so they say.

IFTTT Pro - Why it's still problematic

Let’s start with the most glaring issue, the email you recieved from IFTTT implies that you can set your price from nothing to a fee of your choosing, this seems very woke, but what the email doesn’t tell you is that there is a minimum subscription fee of $1.99.

IFTTT Pro - Why it's still problematic

Whilst I did advocate for IFTTT in the early days of my Smart Home Adventure, this sneaky attempt at getting you to see the “Set as you want price” that far in really does grind my gears.

Why don’t you quit crying and just move?

This is something I see a lot, and luckily, I’ve already moved from the IFTTT platform. However, I’d like to explain the motion for you that IFTTT was a core part of the Smart Home Industry growth.

Look at almost any product, whether it’s from a big company or a third party chinese company, they all have “works with IFTTT” on the box. IFTTT is no small company, they know exactly what they’re doing by getting people reliant on their ecosystem.

For anyone not tech savvy, this is a death penalty. Whilst we may all love setting up our network to work flawlessly, look complicated (Even though it’s not) and flashy, most end users who only use a Smart Assistant will be pushed away.

What alternatives are there to IFTTT?

So far, I’m yet to find anything remotely close to the functionality of IFTTT in terms of simplicity.

Automate your home with Zapier

The main competitor to IFTTT is Zapier, which does have a set of paid plans but also does run 100 tasks a month. So it depends on what you’re likely to use it for.

Alternatively, check out some of these smaller alternatives:

It’s worth noting that a lot of these range in levels of difficulty, personally I prefer Intergromat, Automate.io and Zapier for end users. If you’re particularly tech-savvy, MS Power Automate is perfect and quite a powerful tool.

What about Home Assistant?

I purposely left this out of the top section, Home Assistant is a blessing but does come at a cost. Home Assistant is an open-source tool for controlling your Smart home from almost anything, personally, I always suggest a Raspberry Pi.

The great thing about Home Assistant is due to its open-source nature, it’s constantly being improved by the community, a community that is far from dead as well!

I assume with IFTTT making these changes, Home Assistant is only going to improve further and the community grows with it.

If you’re interested in Home Assistant, check out their Getting Started guide, and definitely watch some YouTube videos!

I would argue that Home Assistant is a lot more powerful than IFTTT but is definitely a more hands-on approach.

Home Assistant Web Based Gui is Mobile Responsive

My favourite part about Home Assistant is the gorgeous web-based GUI, this is a mobile responsive site. As such, it’ll work anywhere around the world and work with pretty much any Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and PC!

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