Our best 3 Indoor Herb Kits – Buyers Guide

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If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own plant whilst inside, you can do it with complete ease using an indoor herb kit. The Click and Grow is one of many Smart Gardens that can help you achieve this, alternatively, there’s plenty of other Smart Garden brands you can look into!

You don’t need to be a professional to get into aquaponics or Smart Home herb growing. Essentially, the indoor herb kit will automatically water your plants and in some cases provide them with the light they need.

The Futuristic Terraplanter

Terraplanter Garden Kit
The most futuristic Aquaponics indoor garden

This is an impressive piece of kit, mostly for aesthetics. It uses no soil, so it’s completely aquaponic based and it looks extremely cool, as of writing this it is only a indiegogo project. I highly suggest going to check it out and following it at the very least.

1 Terraplanter is set to be £50 / $62, which is much cheaper than the Click and Grow. Albeit, with less features.

Whilst I can’t give this product a rating as I’ve not tried it, it looks extremely promising, please do check out the indiegogo project because this could be a great investment.

AeroGarden “Sprout”

Our best 3 Indoor Herb Kits - Buyers Guide
A contender to the Click and Grow? I think not…

This is probably the biggest contending indoor herb & plant growing kit to the Click and Grow, it uses a 30 watts LED Light which ends up making it pretty good given the UK energy prices.

There are three different models from Aerogarden which are “The Sprout”, “The Harvest” and “The Farm XL”. Essentially this is from the smallest to largest sizes.

It appears that this product only uses a UK Plug adapter, so if you’re in the US you would need an adapter (Sorry guys).

One of the common issues I’ve seen with the reviews is that the lights aren’t great quality, so it may be worth simply removing the arm and having your own dangling lights.

Personally, I don’t think this has anything on the Click and Grow other than shipping to the UK being quicker.

What improvements would I add?

  • Quite simply, it needs more space. It’s quite a condensed and bunched up product. There’s no real room for the plants to breathe which I feel makes it harder to manage.
  • The Sprout version of the device appears to use CFL lights, this should definitely be swapped out for LED lights which benefit plants but also improve the lifespan of the lights.
  • The light arm doesn’t go above 10″, this can be pretty difficult moving forward as you will need to replant these but having extra plant length beforehand would be nice.

Which is the Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit?

Click and Grow – Our Top Pick

indoor herb garden kit - Click and Grow
My Click and Grow basil just over a week in

Whether you’re looking for an indoor herb growing kit or just want to get into indoor gardening, the Click and Grow was and is pretty amazing.

If you live in the UK, I can safely say this is probably the best indoor herb garden kit for you. Many other devices needed importing or the herbs that came with them had extra shipping fees.

It has an app which is essentially a tracking system and wiki of information for your seeds. However, all you really need to do is fill the water so the bar on the left is in line with the top platform, add your seed pods and let it grow!

The LED Lights will do the rest without any real input. If you want to see some of the topics I have on this product, check these out:

What improvements would I add?

  • Another Arm extension, I’d honestly prefer to be able to infinitely have extra arms to grow these
  • For the price, I’d like to see some basic sensors to check room temperature and show it in the app
  • Better communication from the company, they’re notoriously bad for replying to support, which is why the “Click and Growers” facebook group is so good.

Do Indoor Herb Gardens Work?

Most herbs grow really well with an indoor temperature, the main factor for growing herbs indoors is water and light. Luckily, most indoor herb kits actually give everything you need by using LED lights and an automatic watering system.

This means, whilst it’s best to keep them grown on a window ledge, with these indoor herb kits you can put it anywhere as long as the temperature permits.

Why should I use these over manually setting up an Aquaponics system?

Honestly, if you can afford the time to set up some pumps and get your own Smart Garden going which doesn’t require you to buy anything pre-built. Definitely do that instead.

The IoF (Internet of Food) industry is definitely going to boom. You can create a massive ecosystem for breeding fish and using their waste as nutrients for your plants, I have a full breakdown on what IoF is here.

Internet of Foods - Aquaponics

Definitely go and check out Skyfarms.io, it’s a community that provides a ton of resources and incentives for growing your own plants and full ecosystem with ease and at no real great expense.

They state that by 2050, 70% of people will be living in cities and people will need their own food to avoid hunger. This is why Smart Home Indoor Gardens are the future.

Skyfarms offers you a code base to download and simply use with specific hardware, it’s perfect for any DIY fans out there!

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