Internet of Food and how to automate your diet.

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 06/15/20 •  4 min read
Grow fresh Strawberries with aquaponics
Fresh Strawberries! Yum!

I’ve been on a huge eco-drive recently, looking at ways to power my flat without it costing monthly, how to grow food in the smallest spot possible without issue and the common part of all of this is the use of Smart Home technology.

We love automation, we’re not farmers, we’re hobbyists who want everything to work well and flash bright colours. If you’ve not had a chance, check out what seeds you can use with Click & Grow and how I ventured into growing my own food!

What is IoF (Internet of Food)

Internet of Food (IOF 2020) is an extension to Internet of Things, using IoF is great as it allows you to fully automate Fish & Plant growth for consumption without worrying!

Using Aquaponics you can feed the fish, use their waste as compost and avoid bacteria on the top of the stones which are used instead of soil. Due to the stones at the top not being wet, it won’t attract insects.

Eric Maundu lives in West Oakland,California which has no farmland. He has proven that you can grow plants without soil, with notifications & tracking on your Smart devices and with edible fish!

IoF full ecosystem

Home Automation Aquaponics

This is an example of how you can create your own ecosystem for food. You can move the fish tank under your plants to save on space. Whilst this doesn’t provide you with complete space efficiency, it is a great ecosystem to have.

For the water aquaponics, you only need a few electrical components including a pump, seeds, small gravel stones etc, read more on DIY Home Automation Farms.

How to start aquaponics at home

The process is fairly simple, using the diagram above is a great way to see more on how to do it. Simply get a constant flow of water between the plants and a tank (Which allows you to feed nutrients to the plant).

Set the system to flow water for 1 minute every 15 minutes and wait for your plants to grow.

There’s a LOT of designs for aquaponics in your Smart home with a lot of features for each design, whether it’s a vertical plant aquaponics station or a full ecosystem with fish. You can read more about how to create your own aquaponics ‘soil’ or see our top recommended beginners pre-built systems.

What is the best fish for a home aquaponics system?

Using fish with aquaponics
Which aquaponics fish do you use? Let us know in the comments.

If you do device to go for a whole aquaponics system with fish, there’s a huge range to pick from. I saw at the top of Google a $20 paid ebook for this and was disgusted, so here’s my free list of fish for aquaponics:

Howtoaquaponics has a fully list on it them here with further detail, definitely check that out.

What should a beginner get for IoF?

Click and Grow for beginner farmers
Click and Grow, great for beginners.

I’ve been recommending the Click and Grow a LOT recently. I’m currently in my first 3 months of testing but I love it. There’s an active Facebook group called “Click & Growers“.

Whilst Click and Grow doesn’t tell you when water is low (Although, if you’re into DIY you could make it tell you. It does keep your plants for the most part, alive without interaction.

Whilst Click & Grow does have a subscription model for seeds, you can actually make your own! I did a small guide on making your own Click and Grow soil and if you’re particularly into customising your setup, you can look into extra nutrients etc which I touch on in that post!

What fish can I use in aquaponics system
How to make your own aquaponics farm

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