My personal top Smart Home blogs of 2021

By Bradly Spicer
Published on: January 22nd, 2020

2020 has come and gone, I’ve seen plenty of Smart Home blogs, read plenty of content out there.

Over the last few years, I’ve been looking at tutorials, reviews, guides, forums and a lot of videos.

I’ve pinned, shared and chatted to a lot of other Smart Homeowners, as such, here are my top Blogs & YouTubers for Smart Home enthusiasts.

Smart Home Blogs to check out

The Smart Cave

Personally, this is my favourite blog because of how personal it is. This isn’t some generic CNET blog. It follows trends, products give personal experience and guidance.

You’ll find a much more hands-on approach here, personalised photos and comments.

Smart Home Blog

Whilst this blog doesn’t post too often, it does post some great content. One of my favourite aspects is the Open Sauce element they cover.

David is the owner of this blog and has a fantastic enthusiasm for not being locked down by companies like Amazon & Google 😉

Automated Home

One of the few regularly updated blogs, Automated Home has a forum and IRC Chat room, whilst the chat room is fairly dead. The forums are regularly updated.

Great if you’re looking for a regular community outside of Facebook.


This is more of a generic tech-based blog, however, there is a specific tag for Smarthomes. They’re good reads every week or so, but it’s typically the same writers.

If you’re looking for a better “Industry” like blog, LifeHacker is the one you need.

A Home in the Future

This is more of a family blog, run by a nerdy couple with children it’s pretty much based around building a custom home for your family. One of the aspects is that Eric is also a web developer like myself, so I relate to his passions!

Smart Home Solver

This is a YouTubers blog, run by Aly and Reed Kleinman. They’re probably one of the few bloggers who have quite a lot of experience in writing and video creation.

Definitely suggest checking their content out!

Smart Home YouTubers

Danny Winget

Clean, professional and high-quality videos, straight to the point and always covering major media events like CES.

Extremely underrated at 400k subscribers, go check him out!

Paul Hibbert

Paul is a hit or miss character, I’ve seen some very controversial posts about him. But personally, I think he’s great. Yes, he’s outgoing, yes he can be kind of odd, but he is unique and there’s no doubting that.

I will say, Paul, if you read this, I am a fan of Philips Hue!

Smart Home Solver (Aly & Reed Kleinman)

I mentioned them above, this is their YouTube channel and definitely worth a binge. It’s easy to get lost in a binge-a-thon.

Totally not jealous of not going to CES 2020


There are tons of guides, content creators, blogs and videos out there, but to add all of them here would do you guys no service. These are MY favourite content creators.

Let me know in the comments below who your favourites are, what you’re looking to see next on my blog and if you have any questions!

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