Top 9 Alexa Drinking, kids & party games to play

Amazon Alexa whilst controlling your Smart Home has some really funny features, for example, did you know you can play games on your Alexa?

Alexa controls your Smart Home, reminds you of your appointments, turns off the lights, wakes you up and even lets you ask it jokes and play games, but the question still remains, are there any good games on Alexa?

The Amazon Alexa features tons of interactive games that are fun to play and have an enjoyable experience with your family and friends.

It includes many of our favorite games from Tic Tac Toe to Escape the Room that keep you engaged for hours. It offers games for adventure seekers and sport lovers as well.

Let’s check out the list below about games to play with Alexa and find out whichalexa games are the best for youthat you can play on your Amazon Echo device.

RuneScape Quests – One Piercing Note

This is one I’ve played a few times as an avid ‘scaper (I’ve been playing for over 15 years on and off). This is a fantastic voice controlled murder mystery story driven game which tackles finding clues, questioning characters and tackling demons.

I really like the voice acting, Jagex really went all out with this skill, it’s really a shame this is the only quest they have as I’d love to hear more.

  • Start new game: ‘Start’ or ‘New game’
  • Save your current progress: ‘End’
  • Play a saved game: ‘Resume game’

If you’re eager to learn more about it, check out their page on it here.

Skyrim Very Special Edition

Another fantastic story driven title but not as good as the Runescape quest in my opinion, this game has no voice acting and is all done through Alexa narrating which can really break the immersion.

It’s a fun little RPG but it does get very repetive, this is definitely one to pick up and put down over time.

Escape the Room

We all loved playing escape the room when we were growing up, you may be excited to find out that now you can play escape the room virtually.

In the game, you find yourself trapped inside a room that you must escape. You havetheoption to choose your location and your difficulty level, like the jail cell (easy), office (medium) or car (hard).

To make your way out of the room, you have to find items and solve puzzles like connecting wires in a certain order. You can also compete with your family and friends and enjoy.

To launch the game, all you have to do is “Alexa, Escape the Room”

Tic Tac Toe

Playing Tic Tac Toe can get a little tricky as it would require some imagination as you will be playing with your voice instead of writing down on a piece of paper.

The game requires your full attention and for you to be quick in calculating your movestowin. You can tell Alexa where you want to place your mark;it’s one of the best and interesting games on alexa that can be played against a virtual opponent.

Who Drinks

Whether you call it King’s or King’s cup, Alexa drinking games are popular. In this game the player takes a sip of the drink and dispenses the drink when a card is drawn.

The cards have some rules written on them that are to be followed by the player when a card is drawn. But in this virtual game, Alexa plays the role of being the play cards.

You simply ask Alexa “who drinks?” to which Alexa may respond “drink right” that would mean the player sitting nexttothe person who asked will have to take a sip from the drink and then Alexa may assign an action to them to perform.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

In this Alexa game you will be faced with15new questions every week that you have to answer correctly to be a millionaire and win money, which is not real unfortunately.

But you have a chance to earn maximum points and reach on the top nationwide ranking.

You are offered to use three lifelines, one of them is 50/50 which eliminates two options giving you two possible options to choose your answer from, the other two are ask social mediaor a phone a friend.

Heads Up

It is one of the best games on alexa that is also played on the famous “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, you can now simply tell alexa to play Heads Up, you will be given clues on a card that will help you to identify the correct word and you have to guess the answer before the time runs out.

You can select from different categories of decks of cards such as Blockbuster Movies, Superstars and your favorite characters.

Song Quiz

If you love listening to music then you’ll definitely enjoy this game on Alexa. You can ask Alexa to play Song Quiz and you can choose from various playlists and alexa will play snippets of the songs.

You will have to identify the song name and the artist to earn points; you can also compete against many players around the world.

Would You Rather?

It’s a fun game that you can play while being on your own or with a friend or on parties.

This alexa game lets you decide between two options such assilly, saucy or thought provoking questions.

You just have to tell alexa to play would you rather;some questions are quite easy to answer while others may surprise you.

You can set a PG version of the game called Would You rather for Family, if your kids want to join the game as well.

Movie Challenge

Movie challenge is the best alexa game for the movie enthusiasts, who are always upto date with all the latest blockbusters.

In this game alexa plays audios and movie clips for you to identify from.

You can command alexa and ask Movie Challenge to start the game and you can enjoy your favorite movie in a quiz form

Deal or No Deal Game

Deal or no deal is the unofficial version of the game, in this game you choose a briefcase that you hold on to while you choose to open the other briefcases one by one.

There are 20 briefcases that have money ranging from a 5 dollar note to thousands of dollars, not real money of course. When choosing one of the briefcases you hope to choose the one that contains the highest valueand then selecting to open the ones that hopefully contain a low amount of value.

After you have opened several cases, the banker will make an offer to you and ask whether you want to make a deal or no deal.

If you choose not to deal,the game continues and if you choose to make a deal the briefcase you chose is opened. The player is to walk away with the most money possible

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