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As an automation enthusiast who researches, tests and shares their knowledge I strive to make home automation simple for average users so that you can make the best decisions about buying quality technology without being an expert.

Absolutely everything about Amazon Alexa [PDF]

Absolutely Everything About Alexa What do you do when Amazon Alexa loses her voice?‚Äč What you will learn: How to set up your Alexa Device How to use Alexa What Alexa can be used for Dos and don’ts of voice assistants And a lot more! Alexa is one of the smartest voice assistants out there,

Wellindal Review – STAY AWAY

With lockdown going on longer than expected, I decided to order some new goods for my home. Really start to spruce up my working area, given this is only the first wave of the fear Covid-19. What Smart Home Enthusiast WOULDN’T want a futuristic/minimalist looking home? Upon searching for “Clean Office Desks Cheap”, I found

How to reset a Google Home Hub Mini

I keep my Google Home Mini next to my desk so I can cast music straight from Google Chrome, but it had been acting up recently. Extremely high latency, sometimes turning the volume down on its own and cutting out. Why can’t I find anything specific? There is some documentation out there but nothing truly

How do I install the Blink XT2?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Blink XT2 security Camera, if you follow my twitter, you’ll know I use it to watch my rabbit and make sure he doesn’t rip everything up. The Blink XT2 is an absolutely fantasitc camera, but how do you install it? Starting with, no, you cannot zip-tie it to

How to watch a Blink Camera on a Firestick

How to watch your Blink Camera on your TV / Firestick Extra security will give you that peace of mind that you have always been looking for in your home. Now, most people already feel secure in their homes, which is a great thing. However, what about the moments that you are not at home?

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing blue? This is one of the frequently asked questions among individuals who own Ring Doorbell; fortunately ring doorbell flashing blue circle indicates that your doorbell system is charging. There is no need to worry since the blue circle LED flashing is just but an indicator showing that your Doorbell

Does the Chamerblain Myq Work With Alexa?

To cut it short, Chamberlain MyQ’s smart home garage doesn’t work natively with Alexa. What is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener? A smart garage door opener is a fantastic experience every smart door opener device shopper looks forward to. MyQ is a super excellent intelligent garage door opener, and most shoppers always ask one

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Fedup of nothing working when you get home? Like trying to put together a piece of Ikea furniture?

In early 2018, like myself, you probably had at least one day where you were fed up of having everything around you simply not work.

Sick of bulbs blowing, sick of forgetting to turn the lights off and fed up with the stupid electricity bills?

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