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Smart Thermostats & How they work

The smart thermostat is an intelligent home automation technology used to control the temperature remotely and air conditioning circulation using Wi-Fi. You can schedule the temperature automatically for the whole day.

Smart thermostats increase the comfortability of your home day and night.

With increased smart technologies, home automation, just like any other industry, has seen the use of basic brilliant and intelligent thermostats that are mainly operated through Wi-Fi.

Depending on your choices and preferences, you can adjust the coolness and also the warmth of your owned house at the touch of a button.

What is a Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat works with another home-based heating system such as boilers; with just a smartphone, you can download an app that you, as a homeowner, will use to regulate temperatures to your desired levels.

Some smart thermostat uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn your schedule and behaviour, and they automatically adjust themselves whenever they detect a behaviour or phenomenon they have learned.

They also automatically turn off whenever you leave your house.

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A smart thermostat has numerous advantages when installed in your home, below are some of the benefits you can put into consideration when deciding to install, a smart thermostat.

First, you have to consider how busy your schedules are. Secondly, you must find how long you as a house owner you are planning to stay in your current place.

And finally, the time you want the amount you are investing in the technology to pay off.

With all this, you can now decide on whether to install the smart thermostat device or not.

Therefore, a smart thermostat has the following advantages over ordinary thermostats.

To begin with, a smart thermostat is controlled remotely, giving your ability to aces and control your home air conditioning and temperature while away.

This is very convenient for people with hectic schedules, which could be either work-related or otherwise.

With just a simple app on your smartphone, you can control and regulate your house temperature at ease anywhere.

Also, imagine how cool it would be getting your house temperature ready way before you even arrive at your house. That’s how the smart thermostat is useful and helpful.

Based on how busy your schedule is, a bright, intelligent thermostat will always be an excellent investment.

Secondly, the other advantage of having a smart thermostat is the ability it gives you as a house owner to monitor your cooling and heating usage.

Initially, installing a smart thermostat is a bit expensive, but in the long run, this investment will finally, when you gain control of your cooling and heating system more efficiently.

A smart thermostat generates reports of your cooling and heating systems usage, and this helps you make better decisions in the future as well as understanding your usage pattern and adjust accordingly.

If you decide to stay in your current location a little longer or you own that magnificent place, a smart thermostat is the right device for you to install.

Different types of smart thermostats

A smart learning thermostat

This smart thermostat has the ability just like its name to learn when a house is occupied and when the house occupant has left the house.

This type of smart thermostat uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the behaviour around your home and adjust accordingly.

This learning thermostat can either be pre-cool or either be preheat when the house occupant arrives.

Connected smart thermostats

Connected smart thermostats can be controlled using Wi-Fi or just an internet connection remotely.

Heating and cooling are controlled or regulated from other internet-connected devices.

Connected smart thermostats do not provide analytics and reports to the home or house occupants.

Zoned system smart thermostats

Just like the word suggests, zoned, this smart device can regulate and control temperature and air condition to individual specific rooms rather than the controlling temperature for the whole house.

Zoned system smart thermostat customization saves you energy and, eventually, money as you only turn them in particular locations you want heated or cooled.

Learning zoned system Smart Thermostats

Just like the name suggests, this smart thermostat has the characteristics and ability of two thermostats, which are learning thermostat and zoned system thermostats.

They are advanced thermostat with the ability to determine when each room is occupied or when the occupant has left the room and adjust the temperature and air conditioning according to preferences.

So the big question is, Why should one install a smart thermostat? The correct response to this question varies from individual to another.

Still, across the board, we all agree that an intelligent thermostat usually eliminates the trouble of adjusting your room temperature and air conditioning by a great deal if not 100 percent.

Also, we all agree that an automated smart thermostat provides a smooth comfort to you as an occupant and to your energy usage. Smart thermostats help you save and conserve your energy.

Arriving at home to a preset temperature offers you a comfortable feeling, some set even the ambiance based on conditions such as humidity.

Installing a smart thermostat in the UK ranges between 150 sterling pounds and 280 sterling pounds; this price depends on the make of your smart thermostat.

There are also other costs you will incur that you need to consider too, like daily builder rate, around 150 sterling pounds depending on the laborer you will get.

Also, smart thermostats, unlike other energy companies, homeowners individually foot the cost of installing smart meters.

Hive smart thermostats usually will cost you around 250 sterling pounds while another variety like Nest smart thermostat will cost you as homeowner close to 280 sterling pounds.

The above prices are not fixed but vary from time to time and from one location to the other.

There is a difference in smart meters and smart thermostats; the two don’t mean the same thing, and their functions are different also.

Smart meters allow you as a homeowner to get information and possibly analytics about your gas and electric meter readings; on the other hand, intelligent thermostats allow you to control and regulate the heating and air conditioning with just a simple mobile application on your phone.

Therefore, to get the cheapest quote for installing a smart thermostat, one is advised to get several quotes and compare which suites him or her the best.

Installing a Nest learning smart thermostat, which is among the best smart heating system in the United Kingdom market today, varies in the price charged.

On average, a contractor in the United Kingdom will cost you approximately two hundred and eighty pounds to supply and install nest learning smart thermostat for you.

This price is not constant and can go up to three hundred and twenty pounds.

For installation, only Nest learning smart thermostat will cost you an average of one hundred and five sterling pounds to install only, and this price can also fluctuate between sixty to two hundred sterling pounds.

The following factors determine nest smart thermostat Installation price;
First, it’s the wiring needed if new wiring will be required, the cost of installation goes up. If you have a wired thermostat, you don’t need to wire your house again.

Secondly, if there is an existing heating system, how complicated or less complicated your current heating system will determine the cost of installing a smart nest thermostat. Lastly, your home location will also determine the value of the installation.

If your home is located in the north, you will pay a bit less compared to those south of the United Kingdom. Londoners usually pay a bit higher labor costs than other regions.

Hive heating system, which is a smart thermostat kit that allows you as homeowner control and regulates your heating and hot water from the comfort of your smartphone.

Hive heating system saves its users around one hundred and twenty pounds per year on heating costs alone.

To install a hive heating smart thermostat from British Gas, it will roughly cost you as a homeowner around two hundred and forty-nine sterling pounds for none customers and approximately one hundred and ninety-nine sterling pounds for British gas customers.

British customers have an advantage in that they can be able to spread the cost of installation, the one hundred and ninety-nine pounds, over twelve months at no extra interest or cost charged on them.

Hive Subscription Plans

You can have a hive and not have a subscription plan, but recently British gas introduced a set of subscription packages for its customers.

A package like Hive Welcome Home offers subscription rates between 5.99 pounds a month.

This package provides the subscriber with two smart light bulbs, a smart power plugs a motion sensor as well, and finally, a smart hub comes along.

This package doesn’t require the subscriber to own a smart hive thermostat to get the additional devices. Another subscription package is Zuora.

This package allows customers to add extra bulbs or even other devices at the beginning of the subscription or just any other time.

This package is a bit flexible as it even allows you to pause service or an element of subscription for some time.

Home check, which is also another package, enables homeowners to add a camera to their subscription menu; this enables them to keep watch of their homes any time anywhere.

The company is also considering adding sensors as part of their customer’s subscription package.

Fitting A Nest Thermostat in the UK

A smart nest thermostat is a brilliant device, and it probably knows your house far much than you do. There are several steps followed to fit in a Nest thermostat. First, we begin by setting up the heat link.

Heat link is used to control your boiler, and it’s connected through a radio frequency to your Nest. Connecting a boiler has its own set of instructions that were not going to look at now.

Secondly, install the thermostat now to your Nest, this doesn’t have to be next to a boiler, but it can be anywhere in the room. Once you are done installing the thermostat, you can now proceed to set up the connection. This is after you are sure you have attached the Nest to the display base and is powered up and ready to set.

Simply set up a nest account through an app or via their website online. Set up your language, and your location s well by merely turning the nest ring.  Proceed to connect Nest to Nest Wi-Fi and update the software.

Confirm whether the heat link is correctly connected to the thermostat and your boiler.

Once done with confirmation, set away temperature, and finally, you can now add your thermostat to your nest account, which you use to control heating in your house.

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Smart Thermostats & How they work

Replacing A Hive Thermostat

There are several steps followed to replace a hive thermostat: First, go straight to the hive app menu, and select option manages devices, check if your previous thermostat is actually on the list of products online and remove it from the hive account before installing your new smart thermostat.

Hive home Thermostat

  • Continue to check if your receiver is online in your dashboard and remove it also
  • Proceed to your boiler and switch it off and on
  • Go to your hive receiver, press and hold the central heating button approximately ten seconds, and wait until the status turns to double amber.

Patiently wait until the status light turns from double amber to single amber, move back and click on install devices, then click thermostat. If the status light flashes to single amber, it means you are correctly paired with the hive hub.

You can now insert batteries to your new thermostat, click backplate of your previous thermostat, and wait a few minutes before it shows the current temperature or a quick tour on how to use a thermostat.

Finally, If the receiver status is green, you can now exit the install device menu by either clicking continue or simply cancel.

What is the best Smart Home Thermostat?

There is no ‘best’ Thermostat, but there are some really high contenders. I would suggest the 5th generation Ecobee, The Nest Learning Thermostat and the Sensibo Sky Thermostat are the best on the market as of writing this.

The Sensibo Sky is great for any newer Smart Home Owners who are looking for a budget build, whereas the Ecobee is my favoured choice over the Nest Thermostate.

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