Stunning Furniture for Smart Homes

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/16/19 •  6 min read

I’ve been spending a metric ton more time recently looking at furniture for my home as of recent and whilst not all of these incorporate Smart Technology, it definitely looks great with it!

So these are all the goodies I have on my Amazon Wishlist either to buy or think about buying for any cosmetic future changes!

Note: I’ll be using images I found on Pinterest and then finding furniture that looks either similar or the same.

Smart Furniture for your bedroom

Futuristic Smart Home
Yaheetech Office Chair

White Faux Leather Swivel Office Chair

The Yaheetech Office chair boasts not only amazing reviews but also two different colours for those of you looking for a darker theme!

As far as chairs go, let alone stylish office chairs. This is pretty cheap!

Ikea Regolit Pendant Lamp Shade

This paper lampshade is super stylish and made out of rice paper!

It has over 106 reviews and is currently ranked at 4/5 which is pretty good for such a cheap product!

Ikea Regolit Paper Pendant Lamp Shade

Wooden Bedroom Desk Lamp Kit

Wooden Bedroom Desk Lamp Kit

This little lamp not only comes with a dimming switch but is perfect for minimalist people who love to read before bed.

It does include a bulb, but I still suggest checking out my guide on Smart Lights or checking my recommendations below.

Bright White Philips Hue Bulb (A19 E27 60W)

I’ve put these here because a lot of my readers are Philips Hue fans, which is fair enough! You pay a premium for a specific quality product!

I’d definitely suggest these bulbs for the paper related lampshades etc because they need to be relatively bright (Due to light diffusion)

Philips Hue Bright Smart Light

Smart Furniture for your office

Botanical Smart Office
LA Metric Pixel Time Wi-Fi Clock

LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock

This is crucial for anyone who works from home or keeps a count of social media statistics and other elements such as temperature and time!

Quite the nifty little product WITH Bluetooth speakers built-in! And it can connect to IFTTT

Echo Show 5

An alternative to the LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock, the Echo Show 5 took us all by storm. It was cheaper than its prior designs and did the job just as well!

Control Alexa via this 5.5″ screen with amazing sound quality and full interactivity for Trailers, Weather and Traffic notifications and more!

To make full use of this, you will need Amazon Prime which you can get on discount here.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Home Furniture

Artificial Green Plants

Artificial Green Grass Plant

Great for your desk / as a paperweight, I keep my plants in the corner of my desk but just neatly enough out the way.

It’s obviously fake and is tiny, but cute regardless!

Hanging/Floating artificial plants

This may fit a bit better if you keep everything minimalist, Great for your desk as a stand-alone or hanging next to your clock!

Personally, I love these, Marie Kondo would no doubt love them too!

Fake Hanging Artificial Plants
Retro Styled Edison Smart Bulb

Retro Edison Bulb

I do show some alternative Edison bulbs later in this blog post, but these are perfect for the Botanic vibe of this office aesthetic.

100% recommend these if you get a majority of your light naturally from Windows.

Big Leaf/Green Plants Canvas painting

These pictures will bring a little bit of happiness to you and really brighten up the room!

Weirdly, these make your workspace feel a lot more open and free to move around in.

Smart Furniture for your living room

Metal Wire Basket Cage Lamp Shade

Metal Wire Basket Cage Style Light Shade

Loved this design, it works on a table lamp or dangling from the ceiling, it definitely needs a bulb which has that rustic Edison look.

It comes in a range of colours such as black, silver and copper!

Modern Mini Fake Plants

These look great dotted around on their own or together as an all 4. I ended up buying these for my mum and she keeps them on her kitchen table in the middle.

As they’re fake plants, no need to water and monitor them (Thankfully!)

Modern Styled Fake Plants
Floating White Wooden Shelves

Floating Wooden Shelves

If you’re into DIY, this should be fairly easy to put up, to be honest. Although, no matter which brands of floating shelves you get you’ll find they can’t hold much and are mostly aesthetic.

Saying that, these are perfect for your fake plants and various smaller goodies!

3-Tier Pipe Shelves

This is an alternative design I’ve picked which goes really well with the Edison Bulb theme.

The industrial size and thickness of the shelves also make these much sturdier than the prior shelves as well.

These can also be bent to be a flat line or simply as a corner piece, pretty flexible if you ask me!

Vintage and Rustic  3 piece Pipe Shelves

Basket Cage styled Lamp Shade

Basket Cage Table Lamp

This is here to match the prior lampshade which hangs from the ceiling. I love this lamp as it defuses the lighting (Which is great if you have a colour controlled bulb).

Edison Styled Smart Bulb

Given we went with the Edison bulb theme, being a rustic and very warm feeling. We kind of had to go ahead with adding these bulbs!

The lights themselves are slightly expensive in terms of bulbs, but in comparison to other Smart Bulbs, I’m not sure you can really compare!

Edison Styled Smart Bulb

Philips Hue Smart Light Strip

Philips Hue Lightstrip

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m an absolute fiend for Light Strips, especially customisable RGB ones.

This recommendation is for users who are frequent Philips Hue users, however, if like myself you use third party RGB light strips, check the next recommendation!


No Living Room is complete without a TV, let alone a Smart TV. Unfortunately, there’s no all-in-one BEST Solution. However, I do have some suggestions.

This Ultra HD 4k colour TV will show your movies in a totally new light, it comes with some great Smart controls including an app for your phone/tablet.

Cheap Smart Television

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