The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

By Bradly Spicer December 6th, 2019

If you work in the IT industry, you’ll know that getting a gift card because they don’t know what to get you sucks hard. So, I will be giving you some great tech gifts for women / female techies or even your nerdy girlfriend!

I’m going to stick to the main principle I believe we all have a Smart Home for, making life easier without any hassle. Everything I post here will be available on Amazon!

Gifts for female techie friends, girlfriends, sisters or partners

Perfect if you have Amazon Prime, if not, grab 30 days here for free!

Amazon Fire 7

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

I grabbed one of these on Cyber Monday so I could write more blog posts from the bed, but it’s quickly replaced my stolen Chromebook by my girlfriend who now uses it to read her Kindle Books, browse Amazon, watch YouTube videos and scroll through her Social Media.

If you can get this at a decent price, it’s definitely worth it. It comes locked down out of the box, so there’s no Google Play, but it can be added extremely easy. No stress, I can’t express how easy it is to do!

Remember to grab an SD card if you’re going to store photos on it!

Kindle Paperwhite

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

Whilst I prefer the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, this is perfect for anyone who just wants to read, especially on holiday as it’s waterproof! Perfect for a glass of wine in the pool 😉

It may seem slightly expensive, but you are getting a device specifically built around reading, the backlight is fantastic, the battery lasts for weeks at a time and it can play Audiobooks.

A definite grab for any book nuts out there, I highly suggest getting a cover for the device though.

Fitbit Charge 3

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

I recently got my girlfriend coming to the gym with me, I tried to convince her to go for the standard Fitbit, but she really wanted this NFC special Edition Fitbit because it allows you to store your card details on it and pay for things contactless!

Simply put your wrist on a card machine and boom, it works perfectly with Fitbit Pay.

The battery lasts around 5-6 days, it boasts 7 days but you’ve got to just leave it alone if that’s the case.

This is also another water-resistant device (Up to 50 metres), so perfect for your swim classes!

For the non-NFC version, check this link out.

Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

I haven’t got this, but my mum does. She always has it on when I go and visit and I understand why! The room smells great, it removes any potential allergies I may get (They live in the countryside).

This pack comes with 12 oils, it’s got some lovely LED lights which can change colour (Perfect for those of you who use RGB lights).

It doesn’t have a battery option which can be disappointing, but plugging it into your mains does the job.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

I’ve got another blog post coming very soon on my favourite Smart Mugs, as an avid coffee drinker, this is perfect, to be honest.

There’s nothing worse than having your coffee go cold whilst working, it’s easily done. Coffee is such an important part of my day, I really do think this should be considered.

You can control the temperature with your smartphone (So you can change the temperature if you need to leave your desk).

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

Following the prior gift, this is the next best thing to go with it. A coffee machine can make or break it. A good coffee maker will be with you for a very long time.

There’s not much more I can add to this, it’s fantastic but uses pods not beans, so if you’re looking for that extremely authentic coffee experience, this isn’t it!

A case for AirPods

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

If your friend, sister, girlfriend or whoever is into apple products, this is the perfect stocking filler! It’s cheap and just gets the job done!

Perfect for anyone who loves the colour pink or just wants to add some friction so they don’t slip out their hands!

Smart Garden 9 Indoor Gardening Kit

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!
Smart Garden 9 Indoor Gardening Kit

I really wish I had this, I’m a massive fan of growing my own plants, veggies and more and I am currently working on my own DIY Smart Home Gardening Kit.

But this is great for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a Raspberry Pi and program it themselves with pumps etc.

Give it to a friend and go round for a fresh salad or BLT 😉

ToiLight LED Toilet Light

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

This is more of a joke present, but honestly, it’s pretty cool! Keep your toilet funky with a cool soft LED glow so you can set the mood for your business!

It has a lot of colours and is a great gift, but it’s not really something that you should see as long term!

But this is great for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a Raspberry Pi and program it themselves with pumps etc.

Give it to a friend and go round for a fresh salad or BLT 😉

Waneway 12-Inch Screen Battery Operated Makeup Mirror

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

This little mirror is pretty good as it uses LED lights to light up your face which means there’s no warm colours or anything to change how the colour of your foundation looks!

It allows for a 360 flip round so you can see it at any angle but you can also turn it sideways.

The circular 10x magnification mirror is detachable, so you can get up and close if you need.

Amazon Echo Show 8

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

This is a little more of an upgrade than the normal Amazon Alexa, it’s pretty cool in all honesty, especially with the Facebook Portal which just came out as competition.

If you’re looking to upgrade the normal Alexa, go for this, you won’t be disappointed!

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

We’ve got two of these in the house because they’re so popular, both with our own online subscription and games. Yes, there’s Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda etc, but we are more competitive over who gets the actual switch.

The Switch Lite is perfect for anyone who wants it portable all the time (And the cute colour helps).

Smart LED Light Panels

Smart LED Light Panels

These little lights are a great replacement for anyone who wants nano lights without the ridiculous expense. They’re not as customisable, but they look great on a desk!

They work with Alexa and Google Assistant, it has a great Energy Class rating so they’ll be saving on a lot of money!

Beautiful RGB colour changing mood lighting, definitely worth it!

Smart Phone Home Printer

The Best Techie Gifts for Women!

I used to pull my hair out fixing the printer at work, however, this perfect little printer is fantastic. You can connect wirelessly to your phone and control it with your voice.

Simply tell Alexa or Google Assistant what you want to do and it’ll do it without you touching the printer!

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