The latest trends in 2020 for the Smart Home industry

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Smart Home Trends in 2020


Technology is an ever-growing component of our society. Nowadays, we have the pleasure to admire how fast and reliable everything in this topic evolves.

And in the Smart Home industry is no different. Since its beginning in 1898 with the invention of the remote control, it now has become a vital element of our lives

And in 2020, this is no different! We are expecting huge growth in Technology. By 2025, the Smart Home market will grow 316% more! Earning about 174 billion dollars in revenue according to research states.

In this article, we will discuss the latest trends for this new year.

Machine Learning: The Smart Home summit

Machine Learning is the capability of any smart device to learn patterns without the need for human input. This means that any Smart Home gadget will come with the skill to adapt to your needs better than before.

In Smart lights as an example, we will see better adaptation to your daily routines. Nowadays, we need to schedule everything within our Smart Home Hub, but for sure we will see better improvements in this regard this year.

Right now, Machine Learning is implemented on Robot Vacuums and Robot Mops. Those devices can easily learn your house and cleaning it without intervening at all! Just turn them on and let that their algorithms start mapping your house and cleaning it at the same time.

But this technology is going to grow even more to optimize processes and save you time and money along the way.

Healthcare at home: Faster response to illness through technology

Smart Home Trends in 2020

Our health should be one of our top priorities, but there are conditions that can’t be controlled daily without proper measurements and equipment. But lately, we can expect wearable devices that can notify you right away of problems on your health.

If at home there are elders, we can be calmer about their health if we are monitoring their health regularly.

In case something dangerous could happen to their health, as Smart devices are connected 24/7 to the internet it can automatically contact a health care center to prevent heart attacks or any kind of decease.

If the illness is treated with some sort of medicament, we can expect to deliver it to our house in case we are running out of them without having to contact the pharmacy.

Your robotic assistant at your fingertips

Smart Home Trends in 2020

We have the pleasure of seeing the beginning of robotic help at our homes in this new era. In 2020, robotic lawnmowers and vacuums are going to expand even more!

Because improvement is part of Technology. Sure, those devices were designed a couple of years back but we can expect bigger improvements in their sensors, firmware, and design, giving us a better user experience and automating even more those thankless chores such as cleaning or cutting the grass!

Even now, there are robots capable of cleaning big windows. And perhaps the biggest problems are the ability to clean as good as a human being, but after the market evolves it could be a great opportunity for companies in this year to enhance their devices.

Self-sustaining Homes

After seeing how fast homes are connected to the internet there is the issue of energy consumption. But as Technology in alternative energy evolves, we can expect that this year we will have a Smart Home that is self-sustained.

Having a proper set of energy deliverability will ensure that our Smart Home will run better than before. Nowadays, we can obtain a good chunk of electricity out of the sun and this will become even stronger after lithium batteries are better designed.

This will guarantee that all of our devices will keep running and continue delivering all the services that we love.


The Home automation industry grows by the second and in 2020 we can expect major changes. Engineers and designers are committed to improve their projects and give us a Sci-fy home experience that we could only dream a couple of years back.

The internet of things is here to stay and all of us will part of it!

On my website, I review the latest Smart Home devices in the Market. I try to stay ahead of the curve and write about the gadgets that actually worth the money and how can improve our lives. If you’re interested, check it out and let me know what you think!

Latest trend Smart Homes 2020

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