The Prime Day Deals that benefit Smart Homes

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/09/19 •  6 min read

Amazon Prime Day is around the corner and I AM EXCITED. This is Amazon’s time to pretend to cut down all third-party good prices but actually sell their goods much cheaper. The sale starts on Monday, July 15th and will run for 48 hours.

This is based on a leak public relations email that came out (Not that I can find it now ????), however, it was reported by website “Real Homes”.

Based on last year (Where I got a ton of Alexa devices, yes, I have an addiction). I assume this year will likely be based around Smart Speakers and Smart assistant based utilities, if we’re going by last year, there won’t be any real sales on extra’s like Coffee Machines, etc.

NOTE: If you’re a student, you can pick up Amazon Prime REAL cheap here. Honestly worth making the most of it!

Some things to note about this sale:

Sadly, these deals won’t include other devices like the Google Home, for somewhat obvious reasons :(, I am going to list the devices I think you should keep an eye out for as well as the discounts you’ll see!

Competitors will be having their own sales on, so whether you’re in the US or UK, check out Tesco, Walmart, Asda, etc because you may find something local!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The Prime Day Deals that benefit Smart Homes

Amazon Prime day is a summer sale which is exclusive to the Amazon Websites and to only Amazon Prime members (Which I highly suggest you check out as it is a must-have for anyone ordering regularly and wanting access to music & movies).

A common misconception is that Amazon Prime day is only discounts on Amazon-Branded goods, however, this isn’t the case! You’ll find that a lot of other manufacturers or third-party sellers will also save their best deals for this time period along with Cyber Monday and Black Friday because they know the traffic on Amazon will be at an all-time high!

Whilst Amazon Prime Day may seem like a thank you, a nice reminder is that it’s there to boost sales and revenue for Amazon, they’ve essentially made their own international holiday for sales, which is a genius idea.

If you’ve not got Amazon Prime, you can grab a free trial which then allows you to follow up by paying monthly or annually, but it can be canceled when you see fit.

My personal suggestions is to get the following items on sale:

You will likely be buying into the Amazon Ecosystem as well, which means their rival Google will be bringing out their own sales around the same time, for example, the Google Home Mini is on sale at the moment for almost half price. If you’ve conflicted by this, I suggest reading my article here on Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo.

How and why you should get Amazon Prime

It’s like being part of Fight Club, without the fighting and need to hide that you’re in the club… You simply need to join! If you’ve never become a member before, it’s simpler than ever to get involved with a FREE 30-day trial.

The Prime Day sale lasts for 48 hours which will not only last you through the sale but also for the following month giving you access to great Movies and Music as well!

There’s no fee when canceling the 30-day trial, it’s totally free and there is no catch, but you will miss out on lots of freebies such as free shipping on a lot of goods, Prime Video, Free Kindle Books & Magazines, and Member-only discounts!

It’s easy to go right ahead and spend a ton of money on this, but I would highly suggest setting a budget. For those of us who have buying impulses, it really can be difficult to not buy a whole warehouse. Everything you wanted will be on sales, from Headphones to Speakers and Robot Vacuums.

The Prime Day Deals that benefit Smart Homes

What’s likely to be on sale?

These are my theorised sale prices based on the last few years of sales, so these may be different on the actual day, but it’s 100% worth adding to your shopping list as these items will 100% be on sale.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) for $24.99 (Around £20)

The Prime Day Deals that benefit Smart Homes

I have a ton of Echo Dots in the house, if you’ve read through my other blog posts you’ll see I have one for each room and multiple in some rooms! As the designs get better, the price also tends to get cheaper on each release, but now, the 3rd gen will be even cheaper!

Honestly can’t recommend this enough if you’re a new Smart Homeowner or already rolling in a ton of lights and Smart AI. Grab it whilst you can!

Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $170 (Around £149)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

As of right now, this goes for around $170 but you NEED to have Amazon Prime to get it. This smart doorbell works with Alexa and is remotely accessible from your phone, it’s definitely considered one of the better video doorbells out there.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) for $69.99 (Around £60)

Amazon Prime Day Echo Gen 2

I actually expect this to be even cheaper on Prime Day that the price I have listed above, the great thing about the taller Echo devices is that they have much better speakers. So if music is important to you, this is what you’ll need to buy.

Remember though, it’s not as good as a standalone speaker, so it does have its limitations.

Amazon Kindle (Probably a £15-£20 drop which is $25-ish)

The Prime Day Deals that benefit Smart Homes

I’m not one to read much, but my partner is, she recently upgraded from the older Kindle to this one and we were really surprised by the price of it as of the moment as it is. So picking this up on a sale will be even better!

What makes Amazon Prime Day so good?

During this short period of time, in 2018, there was up to 50 percent on most Amazon devices, the Echo Show was £99.99 ($120) which was £100 off. Given that the new Show is even cheaper, can you imagine how much this will be on Prime Day?

The Fire Stick and remote was £24.99 ($30ish) which was around £15 off and the Echo was £59.99 (around $75) which is £30 off.

Overall, the sale is 100% going to be great for anyone with Prime, so if you haven’t got it. Grab it now!

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