Top 10 Home Automation Routines you need

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 09/03/19 •  4 min read

Getting into Smart Homes is like being a car fanatic, you want to and need to know the best options to make everything work smoothly. You want to know how to make everything as flashy as possible and as efficient as possible.

Top 10 Home Automation Routines

It’s in our nature to make our life easier, so with these Home Automation Routines, I am going to make YOUR life easier. I guarantee it.

Automatically check the temperature to turn on/off your furnace/heater

EcoBee Thermostat

This Home Routine is perfect, it simply queries the temperature of your room and then decides whether or not to turn your heater on/off. This can be done with an Ecobee3 Remote Sensor for example and a routine with your EcoBee Thermostat.

Top 10 Home Automation Routines you need
Nest Learning Thermostat Home Routine

Alternatively, you can use the Nest Thermostat (which is one I prefer) as it has the ability to learn what you like/need via a tool called “Auto-Schedule”.

Just turn it up and down. It learns the temperatures you like and creates a schedule for you.

Saving money with Home Automation

I have done a more in-depth blog-post on Saving Money with Smart Homes, however, one really basic routine that you’ll want to look at is the use of Bulb/lighting Automation.

A lot of apps will control this for you but it depends on the ecosystem you go with, I personally use two brands; Philips Hue and LIFX. I have done a big breakdown of the Best Smart Lights in 2019.

As a tl;dr, please see this table I made on the other blog post:

Colour LED Smart Bulb: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Bulb Starter Kit
White LED Smart Bulb: LIFX Mini White (E27)
Best Smart Bulb to work with your Security Camera: LIFX A19 / E12

The term you’ll see for a lot of these types of situations are “Energy Vampire’s”, which refers to devices that suck power when forgotten or left in standby mode. Smart Plugs can also counter this, and help you avoid unplugging everything at the end of the night.

Start your day off properly – Smart Coffee & Smart Blinds

This one hits home personally and I do intend to produce a blog post on turning a standard coffee maker into a smart coffee maker, however, this is my morning routine automated:

  1. The alarm wakes me up at 6 am on Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat
  2. My Coffee Machine starts making a coffee (I use pods so I change it when I get my coffee) I also rarely use milk with my Coffee’s which makes it easier
  3. My blinds go up by half at 7 am and again at 8 am. This is because I work near my window and slowly expose my eyes to the light.
Top 10 Home Automation Routines you need

There are a few solutions into Smart Blinds, if you’re into DIY, check out these:

Smart Blinds

Dim your lights/brighten your lights to make you tired / wake you up

Top 10 Home Automation Routines you need
Alexa Custom Routines - Home Automation Routines

Some of us can’t sleep because we have an active brain, others of us refuse to believe it’s because we use our gadgets late at night and have bright lights on permanently.

So, whilst I use Flux on my PC to dim the screen, I always used to forget about my lighting, here is my lighting pattern for the opposite (Turning on in the morning with my other routine plans).

Leaving your home comfortably

Having everything turn off and set itself ready to turn on when your Geolocation kicks in is great. You can set everything to turn off when your phone disconnects from the network AND your location is out of Geo-Location range for a lot of devices and in some instances, your Smart Hub can do this with IFTTT.

Top this off with being able to force it by telling your Smart Home device to turn everything off automatically and you’ll have a home which cares for itself in no time!

Smart Home Routines when leaving home

This list will continue to be updated, these are personally just some of the tools I use for Smart Home Automation Routines. If you have any of your own Smart Home Routines, I’d LOVE to hear about them.

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