Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

By Bradly Spicer September 2nd, 2020

Are you looking to give your loved ones the best Smart Home Gift for Christmas 2020? And you’re not sure where to start off; well we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s your mother or your girlfriend you’re shopping for, you can introduce them to the Smart Home Technology and take their home automation to the next level.

With the global technology advancing rapidly,the smart home technology has also expanded giving homeowners many options to enhance and control their daily routines and make their day-to-daytask easy.

We’ve come up with a list of some really smart gift ideas for you, to help you decide which product is the best smart home gift for Christmas 2021 including Alexa compatible devices. So let’s explore!

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi, 6-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

Instant Pot is your best friend when it comes to cooking efficiently, which saves your time and cooks fast.

This multi-use pressure cooker can be controlled from your mobile device. Isn’t it exciting?

The Instant Pot is a cooker that includes 8 in 1 functional kitchen appliances be it a pressure or a slow cooker, it also cooks rice, it can also be used as a yogurt and cake maker, steamer, warmer and a sauté pan.It is an Alexa compatible smart home device which also works with Wi-Fi and allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking even while you’re on the go by receiving instant notifications on your phone.

The Instant Pot is equipped with an inner pot made of stainless steel including 6-Quart size capacity that can cook for six people. It is also programmed with advanced safety features such as protection from overheating and a safety lock that ensures cautious pressure cooking.

It is an all in one kitchen appliance and you can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

Echo Dot (3rdGen)

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

Echo Dot is one the most popular smart home products, it is a smart speaker which is compatible with Alexa.

It comes in handy when you have multiple tasks especially for mothers who have busy schedules.

They can command Alexa to search for songs or audio books from across the room who easily responds to the request.It comes with an LED display which shows you temperature and time.

This smart home device can be placed by your bedside as an alarm. It can play music from Spotify and Apple music.

You can also pair Alexa with another Echo Dot device which will give you a stereo-like experience.

Alexa possesses countless skills from responding to your voice to tracking your fitness goals, playing games and also providing you with a secure system giving you control over privacy which includes an off button which disconnects your microphone. It is one of the best smart gifts for Christmas.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an amazing device with incredible features. It is a security camera that is connected to your Wi-Fi.

It has a sleek design offering 1040p sharp video and it is easy to install.Whether you’re sitting at a restaurant having dinner or in a different city.

Whenever someone is on your door and they ring the doorbell, you will receive a notification on your phone that will direct you to a video call with the visitor at your house, letting you see and speak to them.

How convenient right? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 uses a rechargeable battery, it is a wireless device.

You can also pair this device with Alexa using a compatible Amazon Echo smart speaker to hear the audio whenever the doorbell is pressed.

It is the one of the perfect smart home technology gifts for Christmas which will surely exceed your expectations.

FitBit Aria 2

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

Want to keep track of your weight and BMI on your phone? That’s where the most attractive looking scale Fit-bit Aria 2 comes in.

It has a sleek design and it is an easy to use scale that has Wi-Fi and connects with your Smart phone to effectively keep track of your fitness goals.

The Fit-bit Aria 2 can measure weight, lean mass, body fat percentage and BMI.

The Aria 2 uses Bluetooth connection to sync with your iOS or Android device and it can recognize up to 8 users at a time while keeping their individual stats private.

It also keeps track of your exercise routine.You should definitely own a Fit-bit Fitness tracker if you don’t already!

It works accurately and pairs with the Fit-bit app, it is easy to use and a MUST have for fitness enthusiasts!

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

Do you wake up every morning and crave a freshly brewed cup of coffee ready to be served? Well, Atomi Smart Coffee Maker performs that function for you.

It is a Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker which allows you to brew coffee from anywhere whether you’re inside the home or not, all you have to do is download the smart app and make sure you are on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band.

The smart coffee maker is equipped with an LED display and Alexa. You can send voice commands and control the smart device at your convenience.

You can also set daily schedules, you can choose when start or pause the brewing process and its strength.

The coffee maker is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It contains Eco-friendly materials like stainless steel and has a 12-cup capacity.

It contains washable filter which can also be re-used that also saves time and money.

Looking for something smaller? Check out our Smart Kettles reviews!

Convenience at your service! It is one of the best smart home Christmas gifts for 2020

Philips White Hue and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Philips White Hue and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

If you want to install smart lighting in your room then Philips White Hue and Color should be you first choice! This Hue Bulb gives enhanced brightening effect.

It is the perfect product for spa day as it gives you the option of dimming the lights and adjusting it as you like, the dim light gives a soothing spa experience.

The Philips White Hue and Color Starter Kit also connects with Amazon Alexa, you can command it to dim the lights as you close your eyes and relax to the Apple music being played.

The Hue bulb is equipped A19 60W LED smart bulbs, it can control up to 50 hue lights.

You can also schedule the lights to dim or brighten according to your routine. Brighten up someones day with this fantastic smart gift idea for your loved ones.

Fire TV Stick 4K

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4Kstreaming device is the most powerful product as the name suggest. It enables you to watch countless channels and use many apps.

The Fire TV Stick 4K comes in a small size however;it has a boost speed of 1.7 GHz that ensures smooth performance with 8GB of memory.

It includes Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE and MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.The product is equipped with Amazon Alexa, enabling you to give voice over commands.

It also offers 4K ultra HD pictures including Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR 10+.

You can choose to watch over thousands of movies and episodes on Netflix, YouTube, HBO and Apple TV.

We are impressed with the Fire TV Stick 4K as its super responsive and quick to load which add it to our Christmas Gifts list!

Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

The Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat is a stylish and one of the best smart home technology gifts for Christmas.

It provides comfort to your family even if you’re away; you are able to adjust the temperature of the thermostat instantly.

This device comes with a touch screen display and it require (C-Wire) a common wire. Its installation is easy as you follow the step by step app instructions.

It is also equipped with Amazon Alexa allowing you to control the temperature at all times.

You can save about 23% HVAC energy by adjusting the temperature using remote access and geo fencing according to your schedule. It is overall a great value for price product.

Amazon Echo Studio

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2021

The Amazon Echo Studio is the loudest smart speaker with 3D audio and Amazon Alexa.

It produces powerful sound with bass, which is best for theater like experience.

You can pair it with Alexa and send voice commands to play music from Spotify or Apple music.

It comes in the shape of a round cylinder with the length measuring 8.1 inches and weighing 7.7 pounds, it offers a lot of features at a reasonable price point including Dolby Atmos with excellent connectivity and a Fire TV link.

The Echo Studio can also be paired with other devices such as another Echo including TV’s and microwaves. If you want the best sounding speakers with perfect bass, then Echo Studio is for you!

Overall, we’re highly impressed with all the smart home gifts we’ve presented. Our list will help you choose the best gift for your friends, your mother and even your girlfriend!

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Surprise them with these smart home gifts and I’m sure they’ll love them.

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