Top Gifts to get your techy friend

By Bradly Spicer
Published on: October 4th, 2019

Everyone has a friend who’s nuts about technology, we always call them the techy and ask them to fix our computers and whatnot. But what is appropriate to give a techy/smart homeowner without looking silly? This blog post has some funny, personal and creative gifts that are ideal for your techy friend!

Gifts for techy friends - Lego man and woman

It’s very common for friend groups to exchange gifts all around the year, but it can be so difficult trying to find what to buy! So here are my 15 tech-friendly gift ideas that work perfectly for any technology buff!

Unique Gift Ideas for your tech friend

Top Gifts for Techy Friends

1. The Echo Input

They likely have speakers already, so having a Smart Assistant with one built-in is redundant. However, this cool Alexa Echo device is going super cheap at the moment and is so thin it can be hidden away or kept on a shelf without taking up too much space!

2. Coffee Mug Warmer

As someone who is at their desk constantly, I can vouch for how great these little Coffee Mug Warmers can be, rather than waste new coffee machine pods, just chuck your mug on one of these bad boys and you’ll be sorted for a few more hours!

3. Miniature Zen Garden

If you’re constantly in and out of meetings as a techy, like me, you’re likely going to be overwhelmed and need just a few minutes to settle your mind. A mini zen garden is perfect for this, it takes no time at all and is pretty relaxing!

4. Touchscreen Cleaner

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but a lot of people do have touchscreen devices which get fingerprints all over them, to help remove this and keep devices clean I suggest the Ecomoist screen cleaners as they’re green!

5. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This one and the next one will be pretty similar, I had this before replacing it with my next gift idea, but it works surprisingly well! New Bluetooth Shower speakers come out all the time. I find any lower than £10 (around $13) and the sound will become tinny in the water

6. Ultimate Laptop Backpack

As someone who has a station at their desk for playing Pokemon Go, this backpack was essential. It has a USB charging port, headphones port and enough space for your laptop, folders and more! If your friend travels a lot, there’s also a security lock to stop theft! Honestly a great essential for any techy.

7. Anker PowerBank

If you’ve been searching about, I’m sure you’ve seen this pop-up, I use the Anker PowerBank myself (Without the wireless charging). It lasts a surprisingly long time even at 20000mAh. Two power outlets and one is enough to charge their Nintendo Switch or Laptop!

8. Roku Express – TV Stick

We’re moving further and further into a streaming age, the Roku Express is a perfect gift for anyone who’s into streaming. It allows you to use Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, HBO and more all from one device! Best of all, you can control it from your Smart Phone via an app. No looking for the TV remote now!

9. Tile Pro – Find your Phone

The Tile is basically a little square device you press the button on (Keep it on your keys) within the 300ft Bluetooth range and it will make a noise so you can find your phone. Genius, right?

10. Nest Protect Smoke Detector

This is more-so for users who are new homeowners or moving into a new property, so work great as a home warming gift! It’s a smoke detector which works with smart tech, so whilst it’s not very fun, it’s pretty dang smart!

Cheap Secret Santa Tech Gifts

11. Adhesive Cable Clips

Any tech-enthusiast or ‘techy’ will tell you that they want a clean workstation/desk but never actually achieves it, however, these nifty little cable clips which go straight on your desk are perfect for all those chargers and spare USB cables!

12. Magnetic Desk Sculpture

This isn’t really a ‘tech’ item as such, but I can’t recall the last time I wasn’t given one of these on Christmas, so much to the point it’s now become a tradition.

13. Google Home Mini Pedestal

This may sound silly, but this makes the Google Home Mini look infinitely cooler and holds it up in place making it easier to see when it’s active whilst you’re sitting down! Put it on a table, nightstand, desk, basically anything with a flat surface.

14. Google Home Mini Retro Alarm Clock

This is more of an alternative to the prior pedestal, but it’s cute as hell. Definitely fits well but the actual alarm bells are purely cosmetic, don’t expect it to wake you up with a ring!

15. Alexa Wall Mount

If your friend is more into the Amazon Eco-system, this is perfect, plug it in and leave it next to the plug, no need to have trailing cables everywhere!

A conclusion to your techy gift problems

So! That’s my list of cool tech gift ideas for your friends, colleagues, family or even a Secret Santa! I may keep updating this, but definitely check out the other Tech Gift Ideas we have for specific groups of people and on budgets!

If you have any ideas or something you would like to suggest, leave a comment below!

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