Wellindal/Konstilo Review – STAY AWAY

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 06/05/20 •  3 min read

With lockdown going on longer than expected, I decided to order some new goods for my home. Really start to spruce up my working area, given this is only the first wave of the fear Covid-19. What Smart Home Enthusiast WOULDN’T want a futuristic/minimalist looking home?

UPDATE: Wellindal have changed their company name to Konstilo. I highly advise not buying home furniture from Konstilo either. I’m not entirely sure when this was done but their main website address now redirects to Konstilo. As such, this post is now both a Wellindal Review and Konstilo Review.


As you can see, it specifies that you can get in contact with them and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

Contacting them via email TWICE resulted in no replies and no contact. Wellindal makes no effort to get in contact with any of its customers.

Where is my Wellindal order?

Who knows, contacting a delivery company is impossible when the tracking doesn’t update UNTIL they send it to the delivery company (If you’re located outside of Spain).

As a UK resident, it appears they use the company Rhenus. Before we continue, Rhenus were extremely active in their persuit of contacting me, I recieved a call and an email about getting my delivery. In less than 24 hours, my desk was in my home.

Payment was taken from my bank on Monday 11th of May, this means nothing was down for 14 days, where does that lead us? 25th of May. When I sent my complaint email, see below for receipt:

As you can see, only an hour after I made a complaint (I never got a reply to) they suddenly created my order for shipment.

Surely a Coincidence? Right?

What can I do?

If your order hasn’t been created in 24-48 hours, raise a ticket. This is your first backing point should you wish to try and get a refund from your bank.

Give this around 24 hours (As per their TrustPilot) and contact your bank to start the refund process, banks can be quite slow to process stuff like this as they investigate.

With the proof of Trustpilot, plenty of anger on the internet and even this blog post, you may be in a better position. It looks like people have even created Facebook groups to rank on Google in relation to Wellindal and their rogue business model.

I need a desk!

I know, it’s frustrating. But if you have the funds to order another desk, let me give you a suggestion to an easy to put together desk.

This is my prior desk, it’s a black corner desk which was perfect for myself at the time (Before I ripped it apart and bought this desk from Wellindal).This  desk is slightly more expensive, but super easy to put together and is sturdy if you put the shelving unit together properly!

Get it here

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