Benefits of a Smart Home
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PDF – What are the benefits of Home Automation?

There are a ton of benefits for home automation and luckily for us, they fall into a specific set of categories which we can break down into how much money can be saved with home automation, how safe you can make your home with tools like Ring & Nest and lastly if not the most important. Comfort.

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What is the purpose of home automation?

Saving money with home automation

Electricity cost is a big factor in any household, we’re constantly looking to cut back as it’s something very easy to work on.

Smart Thermostats and Smart Lightbulbs are the biggest way you can save money with home automation, you can also monitor water usage.

How does smart home automation work?

A smart home consists of multiple different devices which all tie together, this is great for anyone who wishes to build their smart home over time.

Want to have a house like Tony Starks? With your very own J.A.R.V.I.S? That’s quite far away with current technology but you will be able to control a lot of your home devices by your voice which is pretty cool.

Want your blinds to go up? Want a coffee? Change the channel? All of this is possible on a schedule, censor or voice control. Setup a routine so that when you unlock your door your lights will turn on, and if it’s past 8 pm, they’re set to a dim scene.

What are the best smart home devices?

Getting out of your chair is an absolute pain when like myself, there’s a specific angle and crease in your sofa which you sink into. With Smart Home Technology, you don’t even have to get out of your seat to change the channel, you don’t even have to reach for your remote.

Just ask Alexa or Google to change the channel!

What can home automation do?

Know exactly when the lights were on, when Spotify was used, know when your coffees will be made and what ratio of coffee to milk is being used. All from the palm of your hand with an iPhone / Android phone.

When you think about home-automation, you might initially think that it will make things easier and convenient in a very static manner, However, everything with Smart Home technology is fairly modular. Not everything needs to be automated and luckily for you everything can be turned on and off.

What’s the best home security system?

Smart Home Security has taken massive strides in the last few years, heck, even Alexa has an inbuilt security system now called “Alexa Guard”. Automated lighting seems to be all the rage at the moment. Lights turning on and off at random intervals to show that someone is home even when they’re not.

These are all benefits and I’m sure a lot of people could be persuaded by, but there will always be cynics.

Do Smart Homes cause cancer?

You’ll hear this from almost anything in this day and age, in the 80s, TVs and Phones were apparently a big cause of cancer. Basically, anything with radio frequencies is supposed to cause radiation. I’m going to explain both sides as best as I can and leave it up to you for the conclusion for this.

In 2013, the Radiation Safety Journal concluded that Wi-Fi technology doesn’t pose any form of risk to health. This is because the type of radiation it uses is considered “low-energy” in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum.

To break it down, X-rays are seen to potentially cause cancer because the ‘rays’ you get are highly ionised whereas Wi-Fi frequencies don’t move atoms around enough to cause them to ionise.

“There has been some media speculation that Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and smart meters, which can be used to record energy use in your home and transmit it back to your energy provider, could cause cancer. 

Cancer Research UK 

So, now I ask you, how do you automate your life?

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