What is a Smart TV?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/28/21 •  3 min read

Much like a Smart Phone, a Smart TV does a lot more than get a live signal. To put it simply, a Smart TV is like your normal television however it utilises an operating system that is designed around accessing, managing, and viewing your online media via an internet connection.

This is very similar to Smart Top Box like your Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, etc which allows you to turn your tv into a Smart TV.

How do Smart TVs work?

Smart TVs connect to the internet using the same network your home is on via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network, whilst you can use a Wi-Fi connection, you will more than likely want to use an Ethernet connection as it will provide a stable connection and prevent buffering.

If you are going to use Wi-Fi, it may be worth checking if your router can set use a 5Ghz connection as this will be a much better network to connect your Smart TV to, if you’re experiencing issues with your Smart TV buffering a lot whilst your router is in another room, be sure to check out our recommended routers for Smart Homes.

When you start your Smart TV for the first time, you will be required to input your local connection settings typically found on the back of your router.

With most Smart TVs you will have a selection of preloaded applications; typically Netflix, Amazon TV, YouTube, E4, etc. However, you will be able to download more apps on plenty of Smart TVs like Plex.

There’s no universal standard for Smart TVs, which means the menu and apps will vary from device to device.

Benefits of a Smart TV

The benefits of a Smart TV outweigh that of a standard TV by a lot, the best factor being that you no longer need cable to view television. Whilst you won’t get live TV in most cases you will have plenty of options at only a few clicks away.

Depending on the operating system, you may find some additional options such as Web Browsing, Gaming and shared media on your network (Like watching movies you have downloaded on your PC or Laptop).

In addition to this, plenty of Smart TVs offer Miracast and Screensharding which allows you to stream your display from a Computer, Laptop, Tablets or Mobile Phone to your Television.

Many Smart TV brands such as Roku can be turned on/off without a remote too!

Lastly, Smart TVs have become very affordable over the past few years. For instance, onn. TVs which are owned and manufactured by Walmart offer a great value choice for those on a budget.

Certain Smart TVs can Miracast / Screen Share from itself to mobile devices, so you can keep on watching on the move.


There’s plenty of options out there for Smart TVs, some cheap and some pretty expensive. It’s quite apparent with cheaper models that the display isn’t great and the operating system can often get quite slow over time. If you’re looking for complete privacy, definitely look into a more expensive option to avoid any data sharing issue.

Smart TVs offer access to Television shows, movies, music streaming and general home entertainment, however, you may not necessarily need one. An alternative option is to convert your TV into a Smart TV.

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