Top 10 Best RGB Lightstrip Kits We Tested: 2021

By Bradly Spicer
Published on: April 23rd, 2020

Are you looking for the best RGB lightstrip on the market? In this article, we’ll be tackling all the RGB Lightstrips on the market.

They’re cost-efficient, low energy, and look amazing when diffused against the wall.

Whilst traditional lighting methods are used to light a whole room, RGB Lightstrips are mostly used to blend lighting or set a mood in a room, reaching places your normal lightbulbs cannot reach.

You can pickup various priced RGB Lightstrips, from $10 to $50. But which ones work best and why?

Whether you’re looking for a budget plan or something with all the features, we will cover that in this post.

RGB LED Light Strip Kit NameWattageRatingControl OptionsLength of RGB StripWhere to get it
Govee WiFi Smart LED Strip Lights185/5Wifi, IR Remote & Voice Assistant384″ / 32ft / 9mGrab it here
Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit205/5Wifi, Voice Assistant80″ / 6.6ft / 2mGrab it here
Lepro LED Strip Lights364/5IR787″ / 65ft / 2 x 10m Grab it here
DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights604/5IR1200″ / 100ft / 30m Grab it here
WOWLED LED Strip (Ultra Budget) Grab it here
Nexlux LED Light Strip Grab it here

What is our suggested best RGB Lightstrip?

Philips Hue RGB - Cheap Smart Goods

In a prior blog post, we suggested getting the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip. Whilst expensive, they do offer a wide range of options and the app is pretty user-friendly.

The Philips Hue strip boasts over 16 million color options, with timers and easy dimming.

It can be controlled by various Smart Assistants and is of extremely good quality.

Compatible with Nest, IFTTT, Logitech, Xfinity, SmartThings, Razer, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Alexa

Other recommended RGB Strips

Now that you’ve seen our recommended lightstrips, lets look at some of the alternatives.

I’ll try my best to keep this up to date, but most of these will be Chinese brands that come and go, so I do urge you, for the most part, to go with a more commonly known brand like LIFX or Philips Hue.

Govee LED Lightstrip

Top 10 Best RGB Lightstrip Kits We Tested: 2021

Probably the upper end of the ‘cheaper’ chinese brands. Luckily, Govee appears to be quite popular and sticking around for a bit.

If you’re on a budget, they’re a great option. It’s worth noting they aren’t waterproof, so not acceptable for outdoor use.

In terms of quality, I’d probably argue these are the best out there for colour, quality and build.

If you party a lot, there is a variation with a pretty cool tool which allows your lights to change with your music.

HitLights LED Strip Lights Kit

LED Strip Lights Kit - HitLights

This is a cheaper Chinese model of LED Light Strips, however, a fantastic bonus for this Light Strip is the fact it’s entirely Waterproof.

Given this price, it’s probably our best priced waterproof LED LightStrip.

It works with Google Home and Alexa via its own app (So, it should be good to go with a hub as well).

WOWLED LED Strip (Ultra Budget)

Top 10 Best RGB Lightstrip Kits We Tested: 2021

This is the best ultra-low budget LED light strip I’ve used, it’s not great, it’ll definitely peel away easily from the wall using the standard sticky back.

The light quality isn’t great either, so it’s more-so for the back of a TV.

I would recommend simply investing a little more into a proper LED Light Strip solution


Gledopto Zigbee LED Strip Controller

If you’re happy to do some DIY, it’s definitely worth looking into the GLEDOPTO controllers, these will allow you to purchase any normal TGBW, RGBWW or RGB strip and control it like an industry standard RGB lightstrip.

A gledopto controller will set you back around $30 and you can pick up some cheap RGBW strips for around $10-$12, even a cheap chinese pair will do.

There’s an entire Gledopto subreddit which is based around Zigbee Light Links that are compatible with Ikea Tradfri, Amazon Echo, SmartThings, Philips Hue and more!

Nexlux LED Light Strip

What is the best RGB Lightstrip?

You will struggle to find these on Amazon, as such, definitely check out their official website as they will have a full list of requirements there.

The Nexlux LED Lightstrip doesn’t require a hub, which is great for those of you looking to keep everything compact and neat.

Unfortunately, the strips are very dim, but these are great for anyone looking to keep these behind your bed for simple light diffusion

TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Strip

Top 10 Best RGB Lightstrip Kits We Tested: 2021

If you’re a fan of TP-Link like myself, you may wish to keep everything locked into the one-brand network.

These light strips work with all major smart assistants, require no Hub, have animated lighting effects, and boast 1 million colors.

The strip is very bright, at 1400 lumens and the white temperature looks very natural. The only downside is the control via App and the price point for it. You may as well invest in Hue.

What is an RGB Light Strip

LED Light Strips (Also referred to as LED Tape) allow you to diffuse light easily in tight spaces or areas that need lighting without a bulb. They are extremely inexpensive and very easy to install.

LED strips are perfect for anyone looking to control the ambience of their rooms making them more aesthetically pleasing. There are 2 main types of LED Strips, RGB and RGBW.

RGB simply means Red, Green & Blue. These strips utilize LEDs with those colors to create a wide spectrum of colors via an RGB Remote Controller.

RGBW uses the same as RGB however it has the addition of White LEDs which allow you to diffuse the colors, make them brighter, and offer a wider array of tones with your colors.

How do I install an RGB Lightstrip?

Assuming you’ve not gone down the DIY route and simply want to plug & play, you can just plug in the LED strip and then use the sticky back tape you find on almost every single RGB Lightstrip sold on Amazon and other major vendors.

RGB Strip L shape
RGB Strip L shape

There are some hacky changes you can make to create 90 degree bends and turns which require additional parts and slicing up your lightstrip. For this, you can use scissors or a knife and some LED Strip Connectors (L Shape).

Where do I cut the RGB LED Strip?

Whilst looking at your RGB Strip, you should see some plating that doesn’t have any LEDs on them, this changed based on the brand you purchase, but should look like the image I’ve provided. Simply cut in a straight line where indicated.

Where do I cut my RGB Light Strip?

How long do rgb lightstrips last?

Much like LED Bulbs, the lifetime of a lightstrip will be around 50,000 hours (Which is 50x longer than an incandescent bulb). Assuming you use the light for 12 hours a day, this would still last longer than 11 years. Read more on saving money with LED lights

Check out our breakdown of

Watts used60W14W10W
Average lifespan1,200 hours8,000 hours25,000 hours
No. of bulbs needed for 25,000 hours of use2131
Total cost of electricity used (25,000 hours at £0.12 per kWh)£180£42£30 – £35
Read more on Energy Consumption in Smart Homes here

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