What is the Best Smart Plug for Alexa in the UK?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/13/20 •  5 min read

If you live in the UK, like me, you’ll know that some Smart Home brands make it extremely difficult to purchase their products. So, what are the best Smart Plugs you can get in the UK?

There’s a ton of different Smart Plug blog posts which simply redirect to an American Amazon Link with no UK equivalent.

This blog post will break down the best Alexa Compatible Smart Plugs that you can purchase in the UK as well as some alternatives like Smart Sockets.

What is a Smart Plug?

If you came here from Google, I’m sure you already know what a Smart Plug is, however, if you’re new to the Home Automation world…

A Smart Plug is like your standard plug, except you can control it remotely via Bluetooth or WiFi. This can be controlled from a voice assistant like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and even Siri.

Control it by voice, schedule, phone or even when you leave your house, Smart Plugs are a great investment.

How can I tell if my Plug is compatible in the UK?

There are quite a few different Brands that appear UK compatable, but aren’t actually using what is referred to as a Type G Socket Type. You’ll often see this mixed up with a Standard EU based socket which is a Type F and only has two different ‘prongs’.

Type F Plug Socket for Smart Homes

Type F

This is the most common plug type in Europe, it is mostly never found in the UK, and as such you will want to avoid these when looking for Smart Home products.

Type G Plug for the UK

Type G

This is the most common plug type in the UK, you’ll often find this in every building instead of the Type F plug which is found in most of Europe.

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What is the best UK Smart Plug that is Amazon compatible?

Let’s cut to the chase, I’ve tried plenty of different Smart Plugs over the last year or so. There’s a lot of good, a lot of bad and a lot of down right stupid options. So, what is the best smart plug to use with Alexa if you’re from the UK?

Amazon Smart Plug UK

The best Amazon Alexa compatible Smart plug in the UK is the official Amazon Smart Plug. It’s quite simple works, whether it’s for a coffee machine, phone charger or Television.

You don’t require any hub, it’s quite simply plug in, open the Alexa App and add it as a device.

The only downside is that it doesn’t work on a 5GHz network, other than that, it’s an impressive piece of kit!

Alternative Smart Plugs that work in the UK

If you’re not looking to purchase the official Amazon Smart Plug, there are alternatives (Albeit with less features). These are mostly plugs that you can control WITH Alexa, but don’t contain Alexa itself.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi

TP Link Kasa Smart Plug UK

Before the Official Alexa Smart Plug existed, this was my go to recommendation if you wanted a Smart Plug. The Kasa Smart Plug is infamously known in the Smart Home world, it requires no hub.

It has built in Energy Monitoring and an Away Mode that allows you to give the appearance you are at home.

Teckin Smart Plug

Teckin Smart Plug which is Alexa Compatible in the UK (United Kingdom)

There are two variations to this plug that I recommend. The Mini and the Standard, both offer some amazing features and have a sliding safety cover to prevent your kids from getting a shock.

It is designed specificallyh to not interfere with your socket switch (A common problem with a lot of Smart Plugs).

Philips Hue Smart Plug

Philips Hue Smart Plug UK

Paul Hibbert would hate me for saying this, but the Philips Hue Smart Plugs are a solid pick. You simply pay more for stability.

They’re a solid built product, but they don’t have any amazing features you would expect from Philips Hue.

The other options are definitely better, but if you’re already in the Philips ecosystem this may be for you.

Why aren’t there more options?

I could have dropped some alternative Smart Plugs from some third party company that simply uses the same technology at a cheaper price, but they come and go so often and stop getting support. I simply don’t feel comfortable linking to them or mentioning them.

I would be doing a dis-service to you as a reader if I mentioned a third party chinese plug. The only major name I could recommend that’s somewhat excluded is any Xaomi product (Which they no longer manufacture.).

Can I use a plug converter for my Smart Plug?

You can, but I highly suggest avoiding this route. It’s not safe, bulky and quite honestly unnecessary.

It doesn’t stop you from doing this, it can be useful if this is a last resort, or if you’re travelling. But for your day to day usage at home, I suggest investing in a proper Smart Plug.

Are Smart Plugs worth it?

Smart Plugs can seem expensive, but yes, they are worth it. If you haven’t read my post on Saving Money with Home Automation, I highly suggest having a look.

Setting a Smart Plug up with a routine that turns everything off that’s connected when you leave your home or between a certain time like 1am – 7am can end up saving you money that would end up paying off the cost of your Smart Plug.

Whilst it is a long term money saver, it really is an investment, so why wouldn’t you buy one or set one up?

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