What Thermostats does Ring work with?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/19/20 •  2 min read

I’ve always been curious about what the Ring Doorbell works with, it took the market by storm and then it simply stabilised. The issue here is that Smart Technology doesn’t always flow between one technology to another without issue.

What Thermostats does Ring work with

So, does the Ring Doorbell work with any thermostats?

I’ve seen a specific article on another site which provided next to no information on this, what you could do, what the two have in common and why you would want to pair them. So, with that in mind, I’m going to try and clear this up for you!

The Ring doorbell doesn’t out of the box do anything with a thermostat, at the end of the day it’s just a video camera doorbell. What else could it do other than turn on the underfloor heating if someone rang the doorbell?

So, you can use a tool called IFTTT, which means If This Then That. This great tool allows you to connect services together via a trigger and then a result to produce an outcome. For example:

IFTTT Ring Motion Detection
Let’s do something on Motion Detection

Now that we’ve selected our IFTTT trigger, let’s look at the action it will take. I’ve selected a Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat as an example, we can now select these options:

IFTTT Thermostat options
Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat IFTTT Options

So, whilst it’s completely pointless. You could make it so that the moment someone presses the doorbell, the temperature of your hallway changes. For example, when it detects the doorbell is run, it can turn the temperature to “Economy” for 5 minutes.

Because of IFTTT, you can actually connect plenty of Thermostats to your Ring Doorbell like the:

To confirm, the Nest Thermostat does NOT have the capicity to work via IFTTT now that Google has tried to axe it. It’s quite simply been disabled, regardless of whether you’re using the Ring Doorbell or a later version.

This is all a bit of a fetch on what and why you can do this, most voice assistants work directly with the Ring Doorbell and to top it off, you can actually view the Ring Doorbell via an Echo Show or your phone with a simple voice assistant.

What Thermostats work with Ring?

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