When is Prime Day 2020 – Rumours & Facts

By Bradly Spicer September 7th, 2020

When is Prime Day 2020? No one will be able to tell you, there’s no REAL leaks, no information. However, we may have figured out a range of time.

When is Prime Day 2020 - Rumours & Facts

Note: Before we start, Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime Members, so if you do want the best prices and free shipping grab a 30 day free trial first! It’s worth it! (Even if it’s just for watching “The Boys”)

With Amazon stocks shooting up, having a historic boom in sales Probably due to the convenience during Covid-19, it should be no surprise everyone is waiting for the release date of Prime Day.

To put it into perspective, revenue is up by 40% to around $88.9 billion according to Venturebeat and Forbes, Amazon is worth $1.79 trillion.

Last Prime Day, Amazon sold 175 million items, that’s massive. Even more so if you think of the areas where people should be penny-pinching (Although the profits say otherwise!)

This means Amazon is STUPIDLY busy, so, with Halloween and Christmas around the corner, will Prime Day ever come?

With Prime Day being the perfect time to get the Echo products, Fire devices, Kindles, Ring Products and more.

Do you think prices will drop that much? If so, how much? Let me know in the comments below.

Possible Amazon Prime Day Date

This is all speculation based on “Leaks” (Which may or may not be true) and other various factors in the realms of covid.

Business Insider supposedly leaked content from emails sent from Amazon to sellers that specified October the 5th as the intended Prime Day.

In an email sent to sellers on Wednesday, Amazon said it’s now expecting Prime Day to take place in early October. The email said “the exact Prime Day dates have not been announced,” but told sellers to use the week of Oct. 5 as a “placeholder” date for scheduling Prime Day promotions.

Business Insider

Partner this up with Amazons Finance Chief Brian Olsavsky statement confirming that Prime Day 2020 would happen in the 4th quarter of 2020.

This doesn’t directly confirm October, this could be anywhere from October to December, BUT, I don’t think they’d push it back as far as December to conflict with Christmas sales.

November is typically Black Friday & Cyber Monday, if it’s not October I have a hunch it will be ignored entirely until 2021.

What do I need for Prime Day Access?

You will need Amazon Prime, hence the name! So, if you haven’t got it, grab the 30 day free trial and get buying!

Amazon Prime is fantastic for ease of use with your Smart Devices and for getting next day delivery on almost all your goods.

What are the best things to buy on Prime Day?

I’ve already touched on this in this post, however, to break it down very briefly in the order of things I purchase:

  1. Smart Home Assistants
  2. Smart Home Accessories (CCTV Cameras, Robot Vacuums etc)
  3. Spare Gadgets (Check out the crowdfunded section)

Alternatively, check out my buyers guide and look out for the deals then!

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